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Articles from Canadian Journal of History (March 22, 2011)

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"A beastly affair": visual representations of animality and the politics of the Dreyfus Affair. Jones, David C. Critical essay 11351
"An issue that could tear us apart": race, empire, and economy in the British (Welfare) State, 1968. Longpre, Nicole Essay 16581
"If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die": How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor. Webster, David Book review 1016
A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism. Laberge, Yves Book review 1058
A Short History of the Jews. Geller, Jay Howard Book review 912
Ambitions Tamed: Urban Expansion in Pre-revolutionary Lyon. Ferguson, Dean T. Book review 1007
An Economic History of Europe: Knowledge, Institutions and Growth, 600 to the Present. Ghosh, Shami Book review 972
Bandits and Partisans: The Antonov Movement in the Russian Civil War. Rowley, Alison Book review 1317
Bronzes to Bullets: Vichy and the Destruction of French Public Statuary, 1941-1944. Messenger, David A. Book review 1026
Canada, the Congo Crisis and UN Peacekeeping, 1960-64. Torrent, Melanie Book review 1187
China during the Great Depression: Market, State, and the World Economy, 1929-1937. Paladini, Stefania Book review 945
Competing Kingdoms: Women, Mission, Nation, and the American Protestant Empire, 1812-1960. Rich, Jeremy Book review 1020
Connecting Histories. Decolonization and the Cold War in Southeast Asia, 1945-1962. Ngo, Thi Minh-Hoang Book review 1157
Cultural Revolutions: Everyday Life and Politics in Britain, North America, and France. Milne-Smith, Amy Book review 834
Expansion and Crisis in Louis XIV's France: Franche-Comte and Absolute Monarchy, 1674-1715. Dermineur, Elise M. Book review 890
Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography. Cumo, Christopher Book review 937
From Rainforest to Cane Field in Cuba: An Environmental History since 1492. Carlson, David Book review 1053
From the Soviet Bloc to the European Union: The Economic and Social Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe. Ciobanu, Monica Book review 961
Furs and Frontiers in the Far North: The Contest among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade. Collins, Cary C. Book review 1157
Germany 1945: From War to Peace. Jones, William David Book review 943
Hybrid Constitutions: Challenging Legacies of Law, Privilege and Culture in Colonial America. Prior, Charles W.A. Book review 870
Indians and Leftists in the Making of Ecuador's Modern Indigenous Movements. Pribilsky, Jason Book review 1060
Indigenous Citizens: Local Liberalism in Early National Oaxaca and Yucatan. Marak, Andrae M. Book review 768
Japanese Society at War: Death, Memory and the Russo-Japanese War. Sewell, Bill Book review 944
Jewish Philanthropy and Enlightenment in Late-Tsarist Russia. Cramer, Kevin C. Book review 1007
La renaissance de la << fabrication du corps >> par l'exercice physique au XVIe siecle : discours, pratique, preservation d'un patrimoine, ou transgression d'un interdit ? Une etude des archives du fonds ancien de la Faculte de medecine de Montpellier. Gleyse, Jacques Report 14293
Legal Practice and the Written Word in the Early Middle Ages: Frankish Formulae, c. 500-1000. Sutherland-Harris, Robin Book review 824
Love and the Idea of Europe. Miller, Ian Book review 920
Manufacturing Truth: The Documentary Moment in Early Soviet Culture. Kowalsky, Sharon A. Book review 780
Memory in Mind and Culture. Van Arragon, William Book review 1027
Mystery Cults of the Ancient World. Fleiner, Carey Book review 1080
Negotiating Urban Space: Urbanization and Late Ming Nanjing. Chiasson, Blaine Book review 912
Orientalism in Louis XIV's France. Hartman, Janine Book review 793
Reformation Research in Europe and North America: A Historical Assessment. Christensen, Daniel Book review 1112
Renaissances: The One or the Many. Guha, Sumit Book review 932
Responsible History. Dortins, Emma Book review 910
Rommel's Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943. Capet, Antoine Book review 1066
The Color of the Land: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Landownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929. Joy, Mark S. Book review 949
The Empire Project: the Rise and Fall of the British World-System, 1830-1970. Hampton, Mark Book review 1070
The Final Battle: Soldiers of the Western Front and the German Revolution of 1918. Krome, Frederic Book review 1062
The Imperial Moment. Gorman, Daniel Book review 1160
The Inquisition: A Global History, 1478-1834. Modestin, Georg Book review 994
The Medieval March of Wales: The Creation and Perception of a Frontier, 1066-1283. Larson, Peter L. Book review 786
The Muslim Empires of the Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals. Grant, Jonathan Book review 642
The Partition of India. Mathur, Nameeta Book review 904
The Politics of Ethnicity and the Crisis of the Peloponnesian League. Beck, Hans Book review 1234
The Search for Salvation: Lay Faith in Scotland, 1480-1560. Wilkinson, Alexander Book review 866
The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: Complicity and Conflict on American Campuses. Woolley, Donald Book review 856
The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Mexican Public Sphere. Rosenthal, Joshua M. Book review 1015
Thermopoetics: Energy in Victorian Literature and Science. Dougherty, Carolyn Book review 773
This Land Is Ours Now: Social Mobilization and the Meanings of Land in Brazil. Browne, George P. Book review 920
Two Faiths, One Banner: When Muslims Marched with Christians across Europe's Battlefields. Marvin, Laurence W. Book review 868
US-Romanian relations during the presidency of Gerald R. Ford. Mount, Graeme S. Essay 17131
War Planning 1914. Lombardi, Ben Book review 1122
We Ain't What We Ought To Be: The Black Freedom Struggle from Emancipation to Obama. Ireland, Brian Book review 711

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