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Articles from Canadian Journal of History (August 1, 1997)

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Andrew Bonar Law and the fall of the Asquith Coalition: the December 1916 cabinet crisis. Adams, R.J.Q. Biography 9240
Antifraternalism and Anticlericalism in the German Reformation: Johann Eberlin von Gunzburg and the Campaign Against the Friars. Pabel, Hilmar M. Book Review 835
Awakening China: Politics, Culture and Class in the Nationalist Revolution. Gerson, Jack J. Book Review 638
Bengal Divided: Hindu Communalism and Partition, 1932-1947. Moulton, Edward C. Book Review 1614
Blood Ties and Fictive Ties: Adoption and Family Life in Early Modern France. Finley-Croswhite, S. Annette Book Review 845
Britain and the Politics of Modernization in the Middle East: 1945-1958. Cleveland, William L. Book Review 760
British Military Spectacle: From the Napoleonic Wars Through the Crimea. Thompson, Neville Book Review 866
Brotherhoods and Secret Societies in Early and Mid-Qing China: The Formation of a Tradition. Jay, Jennifer W. Book Review 826
Clement Attlee. Grant, Mariel Book Review 831
Disraeli: A Brief Life. Phillips, Paul T. Book Review 1253
East End, West End: science education, culture and class in Mid-Victorian London. Gay, Hannah 17395
Edmund Burke and India: Political Morality and Empire. Elofson, W.M. Book Review 831
French Revolutionary Syndicalism and the Public Sphere. Thorpe, Wayne Book Review 951
German-Jewish History in Modern Times, vol. 1, Tradition and Enlightenment, 1600-1780. Hundert, Gershon David Book Review 756
Hitler's Enforcers: The Gestapo and the SS Security Service in the Nazi Revolution. Jantzen, Kyle Book Review 1076
Individual Choice and the Structures of History: Alexis de Tocqueville as Historian Reappraised. Kahan, Alan Book Review 853
Japanese Loyalism Reconstrued: Yamagata Daini's Ryushi shinron of 1759. Steben, Barry Book Review 852
John Newton and the English Evangelical Tradition: Between the Conversions of Wesley and Wilberforce. Dreyer, Frederick Book Review 601
Le systeme notarial de la Louisiane au XIXe siecle: profil et fonction des notaires. Vandal, Gilles 8465
Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia: 1934-1941. Boterbloem, Kees Book Review 834
Life's Splendid Drama: Evolutionary Biology and the Reconstruction of Life's Ancestry, 1860-1940. Gay, Hannah Book Review 797
Masters of War: Military Dissent and Politics in the Vietnam Era. Accinelli, Robert Book Review 873
Nazism and the Working Class in Austria: Industrial Unrest and Political Discontent in the National Community. Kitchen, Martin Book Review 895
Puritans at Play: Leisure and Recreation in Colonial New England. Gross, Robert A. Book Review 836
Re-reading the Constitution: New Narratives in the Political History of England's Long Nineteenth Century. Kinzer, Bruce L. Book Review 816
Science, Vine and Wine in Modern France. Prestwich, Patricia E. Book Review 816
The Boundaries of Charity: Cistercian Culture and Ecclesiastical Reform, 1098-1180. Gervers, Michael Book Review 883
The Cambridge Economic History of the United States, vol. 1, The Colonial Era. Daniels, Bruce C. Book Review 900
The Cartulary of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem in England, part 2. Clark, Elaine Book Review 833
The Devil's Dream. Lovell, W. George Movie Review 1667
The Dynasty of Chernigov: 1054-1146. Martin, Janet Book Review 795
The French Counter-Revolutionary Theorist Louis de Bonald: 1754-1840. Reedy, W. Jay Book Review 931
The Invisible Code: Honor and Sentiment in Postrevolutionary France, 1814-1848. Koepke, Robert Book Review 799
The Landed Estates of the Esterhazy Princes: Hungary During the Reforms of Maria Theresia and Joseph II. Szabo, Franz A.J. Book Review 763
The Two Mr. Gladstones: A Study in Psychology and History. Phillips, Paul T. Book Review 1254
The Wars of the Roses. Small, Carola M. Book Review 930
Tierra Madre. Lovell, W. George Movie Review 1667
Trading with the enemy: British business and the law during the First World War. McDermott, John 10286
Using Computers in History: A Practical Guide. De Brou, Dave Book Review 890
Violent Land: Single Men and Social Disorder from the Frontier to the Inner City. Peterson del Mar, David Book Review 744
Wahlerbewegung im Wilhelminischen Deutschland, 2 vols. Retallack, James Book Review 730
Washington's Partisan War: 1775-1783. Stuart, Reginald C. Book Review 767
What Trouble I Have Seen: A History of Violence Against Wives. Kellow, Margaret M.R. Book Review 768
Wilhelm II, vol. 2, Emperor and Exile, 1900-1941. Lambi, Ivo N. Book Review 639
Woman Suffrage and the New Democracy. Kellow, Margaret M.R. Book Review 823
Writing and European Thought: 1600-1830. Hutton, Patrick Book Review 903

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