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Articles from Canadian Journal of History (April 1, 1996)

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A bibliography of the publications of David L. Farmer. Bibliography 1342
Airpower: Theory and Practice. Travers, Tim Book Review 677
Becoming Southern: The Evolution of a Way of Life, Warren County, Mississippi, 1760-1860. Johnston-Miller, Mary Margaret Book Review 944
Between Reform and Revolution: Political Struggles in the Peruvian Andes, 1969-1991. Parker, David S. Book Review 838
Brethren Society: The Cultural Transformation of a "Peculiar People." Johannesen, S.K. Book Review 711
Cherishing Men from Afar: Qing Guest Ritual and the Macartney Embassy of 1793. Lee, John Book Review 870
Constitutional Royalism and the Search for Settlement: 1640-1649. Woolf, D.R. Book Review 1516
Double Deception: Stalin, Hitler, and the Invasion of Russia. Debo, Richard K. Book Review 1556
Erie Lackawanna: Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992. Meulen, Jacob Vander Book Review 716
German Nationalism and Religious Conflict: Culture, Ideology, Politics, 1870-1914. Sweeney, Dennis Book Review 1056
Government, Industry, and Re-Armament in Russia: 1900-1914, The Last Argument of Tsarism. Neilson, Keith Book Review 1225
Il progetto politico de Mazzini (Italia-Europa). Klang, Daniel M. Book Review 1058
In Jeopardy: The Royal Navy and British Far Eastern Defence Policy, 1945-1951. Neilson, Keith Book Review 826
In the Soviet House of Culture: A Century of Perestroikas. Hanson, Gary Book Review 736
Instruments and the Imagination. Book Review 783
Ireland from Independence to Occupation: 1641-1660. Perceval-Maxwell, M. Book Review 913
Law and English Railway Capitalism: 1825-1875. Cosgrove, Richard A. Book Review 810
Lenin: A New Biography. Carley, Michael Jabara Book Review 2059
Market towns and the countryside in late Medieval England. Dyer, Christopher 8295
Marxism and the Leap to the Kingdom of Freedom: The Rise and Fall of Communist Utopia. Miller, Stefania Szlek Book Review 649
Mobilizing the Masses: Building Revolution in Henan. Gewurtz, Margo S. Book Review 1118
Peasant and French: Cultural Contact in Rural France During the Nineteenth Century. Stewart, Mary Lynn Book Review 644
Popular Culture, Crime and Social Control in 18th-Century Wurttemberg. Wolfart, J.C. Book Review 1133
Positivist Republic: Auguste Comte and the Reconstruction of American Liberalism, 1865-1920. Levy, David Book Review 885
Price-setting in English Borough Markets, 1349-1500. Britnell, R.H. 8217
Revolt in Prerevolutionary France: The Prince de Conti's Conspiracy against Louis XV, 1755-1757. Merrick, Jeffrey Book Review 809
Scenarios of Power: Myth and Ceremony in Russian Monarchy, vol. 1. Ruud, Charles A. Book Review 1121
Shop Floor Citizens: Engineering Democracy in 1940s Britain. Brooke, Stephen Book Review 788
Sport in Australia: A Social History. Martens, James W. Book Review 711
Stalin's Drive to the West: 1938-1945, The Origins of the Cold War. Debo, Richard K. Book Review 1556
Stalin's Letters to Molotov. Carley, Michael Jabara Book Review 2059
The Chief Governors: The Rise and Fall of Reform Government in Tudor Ireland, 1536-1588. Perceval-Maxwell, M. Book Review 802
The Criminal Law System of Medieval and Renaissance Florence. Michaud, Francine Book Review 1097
The Distorted Past: A Reinterpretation of Europe. Bartlett, Kenneth R. Book Review 740
The Early Modern City: 1450-1750. Beik, William Book Review 635
The FDR Years: On Roosevelt and His Legacy. Syrett, John Book Review 869
The French Idea of Freedom: The Old Regime and the Declaration of Rights of 1789. Lebrun, Richard A. Book Review 806
The History of Everyday Life: Reconstructing Historical Experiences and Ways of Life. Wegert, Karl Book Review 1026
The Humanity of Thucydides. Pesely, George E. Book Review 783
The mobilization of labour in the milling industry of thirteenth- and early fourteenth century England. Langdon, John 10343
The Perfection of Solitude: Hermits and Monks in the Crusader States. Garay, K.E. Book Review 824
The rise and fall of markets in southeast England. Mate, Mavis 11366
The Rusyns of Slovakia: An Historical Survey. Pernal, A.B. Book Review 773
The Soviet Union and the Origins of the Second World War: Russo-German Relations and the Road to War, 1933-1941. Hilborn, Kenneth H.W. Book Review 853
The Triumph of Corporate Capitalism in France: 1867-1914. English, Christopher Book Review 950
The Way of the Heavenly Sword: The Japanese Army of the 1920s. Ion, A. Hamish Book Review 757
To Steal a Book is an Elegant Offense: Intellectual Property Law and Chinese Civilization. Croizier, Ralph C. Book Review 756

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