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Articles from Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (January 1, 2017)

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A Hepatitis C Educational Needs Assessment of Canadian Healthcare Providers. Naghdi, Reza; Seto, Karen; Klassen, Carolyn; Emokpare, Didi; Conway, Brian; Kelley, Melissa; Yoshida Report 4496
Acyl-CoA Synthetase 5 Promotes the Growth and Invasion of Colorectal Cancer Cells. Ding, Shihua; Tang, Shaohui; Wang, Min; Wu, Donghai; Guo, Haijian Report 5625
Advanced Hepatic Fibrosis in Fatty Liver Disease Linked to Hyperplastic Colonic Polyp. Mahamid, Mahmud; Abu-Elhija, Omar; Yassin, Tarik; Nseir, William Report 3436
Alcohol Consumption in Diabetic Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Patel, Preya J.; Smith, David; Connor, Jason P.; Horsfall, Leigh U.; Hayward, Kelly L.; Hossain, Fab Report 6426
Allied Health Professional Support in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Survey from the Canadian Children Inflammatory Bowel Disease Network--A Joint Partnership of CIHR and the CH.I.L.D. Foundation. Matary, Wael El-; Benchimol, Eric I.; Mack, David; Huynh, Hien Q.; Critch, Jeff; Otley, Anthony; Des Report 3706
Anti-TNF-Mediated Modulation of Prohepcidin Improves Iron Availability in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, in an IL-6-Mediated Fashion. Cavallaro, Flaminia; Duca, Lorena; Pisani, Laura Francesca; Rigolini, Roberta; Spina, Luisa; Tontini Report 5538
Aseptic Abscesses and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Two Cases and Review of Literature. Bollegala, Natasha; Khan, Rishad; Scaffidi, Michael A.; Al-Mazroui, Ahmed; Tessolini, Jenna; Showler Report 4924
Assessment of School Readiness in Chronic Cholestatic Liver Disease: A Pilot Study Examining Children with and without Liver Transplantation. Gold, Anna; Rogers, Alaine; Cruchley, Elizabeth; Rankin, Stephanie; Parmar, Arpita; Kamath, Binita M Report 4787
Association between Plasmatic Ceramides Profile and AST/ALT Ratio: C14:0 Ceramide as Predictor of Hepatic Steatosis in Adolescents Independently of Obesity. Maldonado-Hernandez, Jorge; Saldana-Davila, Gabriela E.; Pina-Aguero, Monica I.; Nunez-Garcia, Benja Report 3754
Blood Urea Nitrogen as a Predictor of Severe Acute Pancreatitis Based on the Revised Atlanta Criteria: Timing of Measurement and Cutoff Points. Lin, Suhan; Hong, Wandong; Basharat, Zarrin; Wang, Qipin; Pan, Jingye; Zhou, Mengtao Report 5098
Body Composition in Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: Correlation with Disease Severity and Duration. Yadav, Dawesh P.; Kedia, Saurabh; Madhusudhan, Kumble Seetharama; Bopanna, Sawan; Goyal, Sandeep; Ja Report 6917
Bone Loss Prevention of Bisphosphonates in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Hu, Yan; Chen, Xiaoting; Chen, Xiaojing; Zhang, Shuang; Jiang, Tianyan; Chang, Jing; Gao, Yanhong Report 6436
Changes in Cardiac Varices and Their Clinical Significance after Eradication of Esophageal Varices by Band Ligation. Park, Seung Woon; Seo, Yeon Seok; Lee, Han Ah; Park, Sang Jung; Kim, Tae Hyung; Lee, Jae Min; Suh, S Report 6514
Choice of Allograft in Patients Requiring Intestinal Transplantation: A Critical Review. Huard, Genevieve; Schiano, Thomas; Moon, Jang; Iyer, Kishore Report 8280
Comment on "Advanced Hepatic Fibrosis in Fatty Liver Disease Linked to Hyperplastic Colonic Polyp". Ribaldone, Davide Giuseppe; Saracco, Giorgio Maria; Pellicano, Rinaldo 660
Comparative Readability Analysis of Online Patient Education Resources on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Gulati, Rishabh; Nawaz, Mohammad; Lam, Linh; Pyrsopoulos, Nikolaos T. Report 4700
Comparison of Fecal Calprotectin Methods for Predicting Relapse of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Kittanakom, Saranya; Shajib, Md. Sharif; Garvie, Kristine; Turner, Joceline; Brooks, Dan; Odeh, Sufi Report 6680
Correlating Quantitative Fecal Immunochemical Test Results with Neoplastic Findings on Colonoscopy in a Population-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Program: A Prospective Study. Shahidi, Neal; Gentile, Laura; Gondara, Lovedeep; Hamm, Jeremy; McGahan, Colleen E.; Enns, Robert; T Report 4808
Corrigendum to "Assessment of School Readiness in Chronic Cholestatic Liver Disease: A Pilot Study Examining Children with and without Liver Transplantation". Gold, Anna; Rogers, Alaine; Cruchley, Elizabeth; Rankin, Stephanie; Parmar, Arpita; Kamath, Binita M Correction notice 262
Corrigendum to "Prebiotics: A Novel Approach to Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma". Fatima, Naz; Akhtar, Tasleem; Sheikh, Nadeem Correction notice 130
Corrigendum to (Evaluation and Management of Skeletal Health in Celiac Disease: Position Statement". Fouda, Mona A.; Khan, Aliya A.; Sultan, Muhammad; Rios, Lorena P.; McAssey, Karen; Armstrong, David Correction notice 305
Disability in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Correlations with Quality of Life and Patient's Characteristics. Argyriou, Konstantinos; Kapsoritakis, Andreas; Oikonomou, Konstantinos; Manolakis, Anastassios; Tsak Report 7176
Dynamic Changes of the Frequency of Classic and Inflammatory Monocytes Subsets and Natural Killer Cells in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Treated by Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents. Ning, Gang; Li, Yi-ting; Chen, You-ming; Zhang, Ying; Zeng, Ying-fu; Lin, Chao-shuang Report 4812
Efficacy of Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation versus Nissen Fundoplication for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease in Short Term: A Meta-Analysis. Chen, Ming-yu; Huang, Di-yu; Wu, Angela; Zhu, Yi-bin; Zhu, He-pan; Lin, Liu- mei; Cai, Xiu-jun Report 4414
Establishing a Porcine Model of Small for Size Syndrome following Liver Resection. Golriz, Mohammad; Ashrafi, Maryam; Khajeh, Elias; Majlesara, Ali; Flechtenmacher, Christa; Mehrabi, Report 5693
Evaluation of Adrenal Function in Nonhospitalized Patients with Cirrhosis. Moini, Maryam; Sarvestani, Mitra Yazdani; Shams, Mesbah; Nomovi, Masood Report 3870
Exploration of Superior Modality: Safety and Efficacy of Hypofractioned Image-Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Patients with Unresectable but Confined Intrahepatic Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Jiang, Tao; Zeng, Zhao-Chong; Yang, Ping; Hu, Yong Report 5275
Gastroenterology Curriculum in the Canadian Medical School System. Dang, ThucNhi Tran; Wong, Clarence; Bistritz, Lana Report 3004
Grazoprevir and Elbasvir in Patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Comprehensive Efficacy and Safety Analysis. Yao, Yinan; Yue, Ming; Wang, Jie; Chen, Hongbo; Liu, Mei; Zang, Feng; Li, Jun; Zhang, Yun; Huang, Pe Report 4715
Health-Related Quality of Life after Pediatric Liver Transplantation: A Qualitative Analysis of the Perspectives of Health Care Providers. Miserachs, Mar; Nicholas, David B.; Otley, Anthony R.; Ng, Vicky Lee Report 5301
Hepatitis B Stigma and Knowledge among Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City and Chicago. Dam, Lan; Cheng, Anita; Tran, Phuong; Wong, Shirley S.; Hershow, Ronald; Cotler, Sheldon; Cotler, Sc Report 6072
Incidence and Predictors of Advanced Liver Fibrosis by a Validated Serum Biomarker in Liver Transplant Recipients. Bhat, Mamatha; Rollet-Kurhajec, Kathleen C.; Bhat, Aparna; Farag, Amanda; Deschenes, Marc; Wong, Phi Report 5636
Laparoscopy-Assisted versus Open Hepatectomy for Live Liver Donor: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Bin; Pan, Yu; Chen, Ke; Maher, Hendi; Chen, Ming-Yu; Zhu, He-Pan; Zhu, Yi-Bin; Dai, Yi; Chen, Report 8661
Living with Hepatitis C Virus: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of Qualitative Literature. Dowsett, Laura E.; Coward, Stephanie; Lorenzetti, Diane L.; MacKean, Gail; Clement, Fiona Report 8281
Maintenance of Remission with Partial Enteral Nutrition Therapy in Pediatric Crohn's Disease: A Retrospective Study. Schulman, Jacqueline M.; Pritzker, Liat; Shaoul, Ron Report 5435
Metabonomics Research Progress on Liver Diseases. Yu, Mengqian; Zhu, Ying; Cong, Qingwei; Wu, Chunyan Report 6747
Normal Uptake of [sup. 11]C-Acetate in Pancreas, Liver, Spleen, and Suprarenal Gland in PET. Malkowski, Bogdan; Wareluk, Pawel; Gorycki, Tomasz; Skrobisz, Katarzyna; Studniarek, Michal Report 2344
Obesity Increases Prevalence of Colonic Adenomas at Screening Colonoscopy: A Canadian Community-Based Study. Shapero, Theodore F.; Chen, Grant I.; Devlin, Tim; Gibbs, Alison; Murray, Iain C.; Tran, Stanley; We Report 5571
Possible Involvement of Liver Resident Macrophages (Kupffer Cells) in the Pathogenesis of Both Intrahepatic and Extrahepatic Inflammation. Kakinuma, Yuki; Kimura, Takuya; Watanabe, Yoshifumi Report 5155
Prebiotics: A Novel Approach to Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Fatima, Naz; Akhtar, Tasleem; Sheikh, Nadeem Report 6516
Prevalence and Anatomic Distribution of Serrated and Adenomatous Lesions in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Lee, Lik Hang; Iacucci, Marietta; Gasia, Miriam Fort; Ghosh, Subrata; Panaccione, Remo; Urbanski, St Report 5067
Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Byrne, Glynis; Rosenfeld, Greg; Leung, Yvette; Qian, Hong; Raudzus, Julia; Nunez, Carlos; Bressler, Report 4546
Prognostic Impact of Cirrhosis in Patients with Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma following Hepatic Resection. Jeong, Seogsong; Gao, Lei; Tong, Ying; Xia, Lei; Xu, Ning; Sha, Meng; Zhang, Jianjun; Kong, Xiaoni; Report 5663
Public versus Private Drug Insurance and Outcomes of Patients Requiring Biologic Therapies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Rumman, Amir; Candia, Roberto; Sam, Justina J.; Croitoru, Kenneth; Silverberg, Mark S.; Steinhart, A Report 4937
Recognition of Lynch Syndrome Amongst Newly Diagnosed Colorectal Cancers at St. Paul's Hospital. Pi, Steven; Nap-Hill, Estello; Telford, Jennifer; Enns, Robert Report 3712
Relationship between Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Vitamin D Nutritional Status in Extreme Obesity. Cordeiro, Adryana; Pereira, Silvia; Saboya, Carlos Jose; Ramalho, Andrea Report 6419
Repeat Colonoscopy within 6 Months after Initial Outpatient Colonoscopy in Ontario: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study. Paszat, Lawrence; Sutradhar, Rinku; Baxter, Nancy N.; Tinmouth, Jill; Rabeneck, Linda Report 7107
Response to: Comment on "Assessment of Liver Stiffness in Pediatric Fontan Patients Using Transient Elastography". Chen, Becky; Schreiber, Richard A.; Human, Derek G.; Potts, James E.; Guttman, Orlee R. Letter to the editor 667
Safety Profile of Liver FibroScan in Patients with Cardiac Pacemakers or Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators. Chan, Yin; Pranke, Stephanie; Rashidi, Farid; Nosib, Shravan; Worobetz, Lawrence Report 3016
Serum Albumin Is Independently Associated with Persistent Organ Failure in Acute Pancreatitis. Hong, Wandong; Lin, Suhan; Zippi, Maddalena; Geng, Wujun; Stock, Simon; Basharat, Zarrin; Cheng, Bic Report 7632
The Effect of Prucalopride on Small Bowel Transit Time in Hospitalized Patients Undergoing Capsule Endoscopy. Alsahafi, Majid; Cramer, Paula; Chatur, Nazira; Donnellan, Fergal Report 4726
The Effects of Synbiotic "Bifidobacterium lactis B94 plus Inulin" Addition on Standard Triple Therapy of Helicobacter pylori Eradication in Children. Ustundag, Gonca Handan; Altuntas, Halime; Soysal, Yasemin Dilek; Kokturk, Furuzan Report 4288
The Efficacy and Safety of 12 Weeks of Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir versus Sofosbuvir, Ledipasvir, and Ribavirin in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C, Genotype 1, Who Have Cirrhosis and Have Failed Prior Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Stokes, William; Fenton, Carol; Clement, Fiona; James, Matthew; Ronksley, Paul; Tang, Karen L. Report 4854
The Geography of Primary Hepatic Neoplasms Treatments in Canada: Changes in Latitudes and Changes in Attitudes. Cwinn, Matthew; Walsh, Gordon; Rahman, Sheikh Hasibur; Molinari, Michele Report 5007
The Prevalence of Hjortsjo Crook Sign of Right Posterior Sectional Bile Duct and Bile Duct Anatomy in ERCP. Alghamdi, Hanan M.; Almuhanna, Afnan F.; Aldhafery, Bander F.; AlSulaiman, Raed M.; Almarhabi, Ahmed Report 3063
Treatment Algorithm for Chronic Idiopathic Constipation and Constipation-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Derived from a Canadian National Survey and Needs Assessment on Choices of Therapeutic Agents. Tse, Yvonne; Armstrong, David; Andrews, Christopher N.; Bitton, Alain; Bressler, Brian; Marshall, Jo Report 6247
Vonoprazan-Based Regimen Is More Useful than PPI-Based One as a First-Line Helicobacter pylori Eradication: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Maruyama, Masafumi; Tanaka, Naoki; Kubota, Daisuke; Miyajima, Masayuki; Kimura, Takefumi; Tokutake, Report 3574

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