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Articles from Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (June 1, 2008)

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Assessment of cleaner process options: a case study from petroleum refining. Weston, Neil; Clift, Roland; Basson, Lauren; Pouton, Andrew; White, Neil 10182
Atmospheric aerosols over two sites in a Southeastern region of Texas. Chiou, Paul; Tang, Wei; Lin, Che-Jen; Chu, Hsing-Wei; Tadmor, Rafael; Ho, T.C. 10230
Direct simulation of the bouyant rise of bubbles in infinite liquid using level set method. Yu, Zhao; Fan, Liang-Shin 4438
Evaluation of flow regimes in a semi-cylindrical spouted bed through statistical, mutual information, spectral and Hurst's analysis. Oliveira, W.P.; Souza, C.R.F.; Lim, C.J.; Grace, J.R. 7818
Experimental characterization of the flow pattern in an annular fluidized bed. Collin, Anne; Wirth, Karl-Ernst; Stroder, Michael 4206
Hydrodynamics of slot-rectangular spouted beds: effect of slot configuration on the local flow structure. Chen, Z.; Lim, C.J.; Grace, J.R. 3160
Inlet effect on the coal pyrolysis to acetylene in a hydrogen plasma downer reactor. Cheng, Y.; Chen, J.Q.; Ding, Y.L.; Xiong, X.Y.; Jin, Y. 4454
Investigation into the hydrodynamics of gas--solid fluidized beds using particle image velocimetry coupled with digital image analysis. Laverman, Jan Albert; Roghair, Ivo; van Sint Annaland, Martin; Kuipers, Hans 5215
Kinetic simulation of a compact reactor system for hydrogen production by steam reforming of higher hydrocarbons. Rakib, M.A.; Grace, J.R.; Elnashaie, S.S.E.H.; Lim, C.J.; Bolkan, Y.G. 4834
Magnetically assisted gas--solid fluidization in a tapered vessel: first report with obeservations and dimensional analysis. Hristov, Jordan 15199
Overview and some issues related to co-firing biomass and coal. Dai, Jianjun; Sokhansanj, Shahab; Grace, John R.; Bi, Xiaotao; Lim, C. Jim; Melin, Staffan 13839
Property-averaging applied to determination pf volume contraction in binary-solid liquid-fluidized beds. Escudie, Renaud; Epstein, Norman 4898
Statistical modelling of the spouted bed coating oricess using position emission particle tracking (PEPT) data. Seiler, C.; Fryer, P.J.; Seville, J.P.K. 6969
Towards monitoring electrostatics in gas-solid fluidized beds. Demirbas, Birol; Nijenhuis, John; Yurteri, Caner U.; van Ommen, J. Ruud 8405
Use of non-mechanical valves at high temperature--a case study. Geldart, D. 1911

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