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Articles from Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (October 1, 2007)

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A study on process parameters of direct ethanol fuel cell. Pramanik, H.; Basu, S. 2938
Aging effects on surface properties and coalescence of bitumen droplets. Moran, K.; Sumner, R.J. 7513
Asymmetric polymer bridging between starch-coated colloidal particles and pulp fibres by cationic polyacrylamide. Poraj-Kozminski, Agatha; Hill, Reghan J.; van de Ven, Theo G.M. 4365
Determining surface potential of the bitumen-water interface at nanoscale resolution using atomic force microscopy. Drelich, Jaroslaw; Long, Jun; Yeung, Anthony 6106
Early events in the precipitation fouling of calcium sulphate dihydrate under sensible heating conditions. Fahiminia, Feridoun; Watkinson, A. Paul; Epstein, Norman 11142
Effect of operating temperature on water-based oil sands processing. Long, Jun; Drelich, Jaroslaw; Xu, Zhenghe; Masliyah, Jacob H. 9077
Effect of resins on asphaltene self-association and solubility. Yarranton, Harvey W.; Fox, William A.; Svrcek, William Y. 5455
Evaporation from a three-phase emulsion. Friberg, Stig E. 4607
Hydrodynamic cell model: general formulation and comparative analysis of different approaches. Zholkovskiy, Emiliy K.; Shilov, Vladimir N.; Masliyah, Jacob H.; Bondarenko, Mykola P. 21014
Influence of bubble kinetic energy on its bouncing during collisions with various interfaces. Zawala, J.; Krasowska, M.; Dabros, T.; Malysa, K. 7682
Initial deposition of colloidal particles on a rough nanofiltration membrane. Rizwan, Tania; Bhattacharjee, Subir 6996
Interpretation of bitumen recovery data from batch extraction tests. Mikula, R.J.; Omotoso, O.; Friesen, W.I. 5449
Kinetics of colloidal particle deposition to a solid surface from pressure driven microchannel flows. Unni, H.N.; Yang, C. 5564
Liquid transport in a coalescing froth. Ireland, Peter M.; Jameson, Graeme J. 5871
Non-uniform distribution of two-phase flows through parallel identical paths. Grace, John R.; Cui, Heping; Elnashaie, Said S.E.H. 5920
Oil sand slurry conditioning tests in a 100 mm pipeline loop. Sanders, R. Sean; Schaan, Jason; McKibben, Melissa M. 6753
On the "rag layer" and diluted bitumen froth dewatering. Czarnecki, Jan; Moran, Kevin; Yang, Xiaoli 5546
On the thermodynamic stability of liquid capillary bridges. Elliott, Janet A.W.; Voitcu, Ovidiu 6780
Probing of thin slipping films by persistent external disturbances. Alleborn, N.; Sharma, A.; Delgado, A. 6318
Role of collective interactions in self-assembly of charged particles at liquid interfaces. Wu, Stanley; Nikolov, Alex; Wasan, Darsh 4662
Role of pressure in coking of thin films of bitumen. Gray, Murray R.; Le, Tuyet; Wu, Xin A. 4745
Surface characteristics of kaolinite and other selected two layer silicate minerals. Miller, Jan D.; Nalaskowski, Jakub; Abdul, Baseer; Du, Hao 4363
Synthesis of gold nanoplates in lecithin lamellar liquid crystals. Wang, Luyan; Chen, Xiao; Sun, Zhenwen; Chai, Yongcun 3189
The limits of fine and coarse particle flotation. Gontijo, Carlos de F.; Fornasiero, Daniel; Ralston, John 4956

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