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Articles from Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (December 1, 2007)

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Applied lattice Boltzmann method for transport phenomena, momentum, heat and mass transfer. Mohamad, A. A. 939
Base-catalyzed depolymerization of lignin: separation of monomers. Vigneault, Alexandre; Johnson, David K.; Chornet, Esteban 7414
Characterization of copper foam as catalytic material in ethanol dehydrogenation. Chladek, Petr; Croiset, Eric; Epling, William; Hudgins, Robert R. 5770
Comparative analysis of single-cascade five-zone and two-zone SMB systems for the separation of a ternary amino acid mixture. Jo, Se-Hee; Kim, Jeung Kun; Yoo, Chang Geun; Kim, Jin-Il; Koo, Yoon-Mo; Mun, Sunyong 6988
Conductivity of a fixed bed adsorber during propylene adsorption and breakthrough. MacKay, James E.; Smith, Kevin J. 6469
Control of a batch polymerization system using hybrid neural network first principle model. Wei, Ng Cheah; Hussain, Mohamed Azlan; Wahab, Ahmad Khairi Abdul 6714
Dry reforming of methane with a Ni/[AL.sub.2] [O.sub.3]-YSZ catalyst: the role of the catalyst preparation protocol. Blanchard, Jasmin; Nsungui, Ana Julia; Abatzoglou, Nicolas; Gitzhofer, Francois 8754
Early events in the precipitation fouling of calcium sulphate dihydrate under sensible heating conditions. Fahiminia, Feridoun; Watkinson, A. Paul; Epstein, Norman Correction notice 189
Effect of reaction solvent on the hydrogenation of isophthalonitrile for meta-xylylendiamine preparation. Row, Sung Wook; Chae, Tae Young; Yoo, Kye Sang; Lee, Sang Duek; Lee, Do Weon; Shul, Yonggun 2189
Effects of viscous dissipation on heat transfer between an array of long circular cylinders and power law fluids. Chhabra, R.P.; Soares, A.A.; Ferreira, J.M.; Caramelo, L. 6923
Electrochemical deodorization and disinfection of hog manure. Bejan, Dorin; Rabson, Lisa M.; Bunce, Nigel J. 4849
Esterification of acrylic acid with 1,4-butanediol in a batch distillation column reactor over Amberlyst 15 catalyst. Yang, Jung-Il; Cho, Soon-Haeng; Park, Jongki; Lee, Kwan-Young 2749
Gas holdup and solid-liquid mass transfer in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in bubble columns. Ghosh, U.K.; Upadhyay, S.N. 6123
Heavy metal removal and neutralization of acid mine waste water--kinetic study. Ghirisan, Adina L.; Dragan, Simion; Pop, Alexandru; Simihaian, Marinela; Miclaus, Vasile 4743
LDA velocity measurements of high-viscosity fluids in mixing vessel with vane geometry impeller. Perse, Lidija Slemenik; Bajcar, Tom; Sirok, Brane; Zumer, Miha 4532
New attraction term for the Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of state. Chouaieb, O.; Bellagi, A. 5600
The stability of water-in-crude and model oil emulsions. Sullivan, Andrew P.; Zaki, Nael N.; Sjoblom, Johan; Kilpatrick, Peter K. 11864
UNIQUAC Interaction parameters with closure for imidazolium based ionic liquid systems using genetic algorithm. Sahoo, Ranjan Kumar; Banerjee, Tamal; Khanna, Ashok 15000

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