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Canadian Government Establishes Office of Natural Health Products.

Responding to the increasing popularity UI natural health products in Canada, the health minister created an Office of Natural Health Products to develop a national strategy for the Canadian nutraceutical and natural health products industry. In making the announcement, Health Minister Allan Rock said the new office would receive C$7 million in funding and C$3 million for research over three years, according to the U.S. embassy in Ottawa.

According to Health Canada, functional foods currently consumed in Canada include oat bran, green tea, yogurt containing live bacterial culture, and soymilk. Nutraceuticals are produced from foods but are marketed in the form of pills, potions, or forms not generally associated with foods. Other products to be considered in the scope of the new framework include traditional herbal medicines, homeopathic preparations, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

In Canada, natural health products, also referred to as complementary medicines or traditional remedies, have existed in a regulatory limbo, regulated by the Food and Drugs Act; without being either a food or a drug. The new Office of Natural Health Products, which is expected to be operational shortly, will be responsible for developing a definition of a natural health product and for setting manufacturing standards, safety assessment procedures, and labeling requirements affecting domestic and imported products.
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Comment:Canadian Government Establishes Office of Natural Health Products.
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Date:May 3, 1999
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