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Lithia and Driveway Acquires Sisley Honda in Canada. May 4, 2022 152
A Data-Driven Method to Test and Fine-Tune Occupant-Centric Building Controls Prior to Implementation. Karimian, Hamidreza; Ouf, Mohamed; Cotrufo, Nunzio; Venne, Jean-Simon Jan 1, 2022 4571
Using Occupant-Centric Control for Commercial HVAC Systems. Gunay, Burak; Nagy, Zoltan; Miller, Clayton; Ouf, Mohamed; Dong, Bing May 1, 2021 4827
What to Consider When Designing For N + 1. Chessor, Ed Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2021 647
Investigating Occupant Behaviour to Inform Terminal Devices' Control in Mixed-Mode Ventilation Buildings. Liu, Weihao; Gunay, H. Burak; Ouf, Mohamed Jan 1, 2021 4086
Deep Energy Retrofit Saves Energy, Lowers Emissions for University. Matte, Olivier Nov 1, 2020 1670
Approximate Population Count Using the Harley-Seal Method for Error-Tolerant Applications. Jaffal, Reem; Abed, Sa'ed; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Bennaser, Mahmoud Nov 1, 2020 7123
Estimating Hourly Heating and Cooling Loads from Monthly Results. Brideau, Sebastien A. Jul 1, 2020 3790
Delta Acquires Canada-based Trihedral for CDN 45m. Jun 1, 2020 187
Delta Acquires Canada-based Trihedral for CDN 45m. Jun 1, 2020 213
2020 ASHRAE Technology Awards. Mar 1, 2020 1131
Wi-Fi Based Occupancy Clustering and Motif Identification: A Case Study. Hobson, Brodie W.; Gunay, H. Burak; Ashouri, Araz; Newsham, Guy R. Case study Jan 1, 2020 3962
Performance Assessment of Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Heat Pump) Systems with Smart Switching Controls. Sager, Jeremy; Bouchard, Alexandre; Haj-Nabou, Sewar Jan 1, 2020 3994
Smart Control for Optimum Residential Fuel Switching between Natural-Gas and Electricity. Rad, Farzin M.; Alibabaei, Nima; Grochmal, Tom Jan 1, 2020 2473
CAPREIT Acquires B.C. Apartment Property. Dec 19, 2019 483
Schneider Electric's Wiser Energy an effective way of monitoring real time electricity consumption. Nov 7, 2019 624
Schneider Electric's Wiser Energy an effective way to monitor seasonal electricity use. Oct 30, 2019 626
FSI Confirms Annual Dividend and Payment Date. Sep 20, 2019 450
LG's Groundbreaking DUALCOOL With Inverter Tech Delivers Performance and Energy Efficiency. Jul 18, 2019 335
Machine-Learning in a Model Predictive Controller for the Management of Domestic Hot Water Systems. Maltais, Louis-Gabriel; Gosselin, Louis Jul 1, 2019 3900
Sports Complex Saves Big With Retrofit: Using a performance contracting approach, a large Montreal sports complex reduced its energy consumption by over 30%. Landry, Maurice; Desjardins, Dominic; Matte, Olivier Jul 1, 2019 2587
Five Hospitals, One Goal: Maximum Energy Savings. Matte, Olivier; Ouellet, Patrick Jun 1, 2018 2716
Ecotagious Now Enabling Utilities to Engage Consumers via Smart Speakers. May 10, 2018 548
Ecotagious Recognized as a Top Cleantech Company Positioned for Great Revenue Growth in the Coming Year. Mar 16, 2018 281
Energy-Saving Mold-Temperature Control Comes to NPE. Mar 1, 2018 384
Occupant Modeling for Code Compliance and Incentive Programs. Ouf, Mohamed; O'Brien, William Feb 1, 2018 3323
Prolonging the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Review of Current Techniques. Engmann, Felicia; Katsriku, Ferdinand Apietu; Abdulai, Jamal-Deen; Adu-Manu, Kofi Sarpong; Banaseka, Jan 1, 2018 17492
Robert Miller Congratulates Future Electronics Team on Global Distribution Agreement with Silergy. Jul 8, 2017 398
SeniorLED Announces Power Saving Grow Lights for Canadian Market. May 19, 2017 483
Future Electronics Promotes NXP's NFC Smart Connected Home Products. Mar 25, 2016 543
Energy Saving Template for Campus. Smith, Aaron Nov 1, 2015 2209
Simple Measures for Energy Savings. Lagace, Jacques Oct 1, 2015 2498
Navigating a career in agricultural and biological engineering? Your questions answered? Sep 1, 2015 14530
Future Electronics Offers ROHM Semiconductor's New PICOLED Series. Jul 31, 2015 340
St Marys plant wins energy award. Jun 1, 2014 598
Energy savings for senior care center. Michaud, Pascal; Maynard, Sebastian Jun 1, 2014 1710
Asia-Pacific to be Major Growth Booster for Global BEMS Market Says TechSci Research. Jan 30, 2014 542
Saving energy goes mainstream at K 2013: machine builders at K appear to be united in addressing processors' interests in E-efficient production. Schut, Jan H. Sep 1, 2013 3110
Canned heat: build your own zero-emission solar heater. Jan 1, 2013 666
Manitoba hydro place: energy efficiency 2.0. Akerstream, Tom; Knirsch, Alexander; Pauls, Mark Report Jan 1, 2013 4319
Energy info key to growth. Aug 29, 2012 230
Choosing energy-efficient windows. Priesnitz, Rolf Jul 1, 2012 916
Kyodo Industry Brief (March 21) -2-. Mar 26, 2012 357
REFILING: Kyodo Industry Brief (March 21) -2-. Mar 26, 2012 363
VersaCold partnership with EnerNOC saves over 3.2 megawatts of power. Oct 1, 2011 441
Sears Canada to ban incandescent and halogen lighting. Jul 1, 2011 192
FS Energy partners with banks to offer loans for energy efficiency projects. May 25, 2011 276
McGill University Launches Bilingual Pulse Energy Dashboard for Energy Efficiency. May 10, 2011 574
Kuperberg to lead new FirstService energy co. Apr 6, 2011 435
Pulse Energy Tracks Building Energy Savings for Earth Hour. Mar 28, 2011 667
Pulse Energy Showcasing Earth Hour Building Energy Savings. Mar 26, 2011 636
Taming of the hogs: in a new POLIS report, Carol Maas explains how saving a kilowatt spares a litre. Maas, Carol Jan 1, 2011 1151
Therm-All, Inc. Expands Current Retrofit Services to Continental U.S.. Dec 4, 2010 415
A Specialty Directory for the healthcare design field. Directory Nov 1, 2010 20186
The big switch: A school, a hotel and an ice-skating rink epitomize the visual quality and energy-saving benefits that result from relighting. Tarricone, Paul May 1, 2010 783
The Bowden Ice Arena. May 1, 2010 378
Off the grid and the thriving! By using renewable energy and growing our own food, our family has created a self-reliant homestead. Mather, Cam Feb 1, 2010 1590
Demand-responsive lighting--a field study. Newsham, Guy; Birt, Benjamin Report Jan 1, 2010 8632
Shower with a friend: how conserving the wet stuff cascades into megawatt savings. Mass, Carol Jan 1, 2010 1088
Energy's backyard bugaboo: convincing Canadians to save energy and embrace renewables takes more than financial incentives. Hill, Stephen; Ferguson-Martin, Chris Jan 1, 2010 2248
Teaching old grids new tricks. D'Amelio, Laura Dec 15, 2009 556
Thermal modeling of shading devices of windows. Laouadi, A. Report Jul 1, 2009 8486
What's new with energy-management software: energy-management software is a product that every facilities professional can benefit from using. According to David Helliwell, cofounder, Pulse Energy, Vancouver, BC, the No. 1 benefit is saving money by reducing energy use and catching demand spikes. "Other benefits include reduced trouble calls and more efficient maintenance.". Garris, Leah B. Jun 1, 2009 617
Industry committed to going green. Brief article Apr 20, 2009 157
Using off-peak precooling. Roth, Kurt; Dieckmann, John; Brodrick, James Report Mar 1, 2009 2964
Heat recovery for office tower. Sonmor, Kenneth Mar 1, 2009 2299
Top award winners. Mar 1, 2009 1794
Aurora True Value helps environment while dramatically reducing energy costs. Nov 1, 2008 204
Wal-Mart Canada Plans '09 Stores Next Year to Cut Energy Use 30%. Aug 27, 2008 153
Towards energy sustainability: a quest of global proportions. Rosen, Marc A. Report Jun 22, 2008 8732
Women are "greener" than men? Jun 1, 2008 303
Choosing renewable energy: the decision to power our home with renewable energy has offered many challenges, but also many rewards. Gulland, John; Milne, Wendy Apr 1, 2008 3309
Lights out March 29. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 311
It's not easy being green: but it's well worth the effort. Hammond, John P. Feb 1, 2008 595
The house. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 109
The electronics. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 102
Letting it all hang out. Priesnitz, Wendy Cover story Nov 1, 2007 1208
Loblaw Preps to Kick Energy Savings System into High Gear. Jul 31, 2007 392
How Ontario and Ontario cities are coping with the cost of energy/Comment l'Ontario et les villes de l'Ontario composent avec le cout de l'energie. Schwartz, Harvey Jun 22, 2007 5976
Churches going green. Mar 1, 2007 169
Estimating energy, demand, and cost savings from a geothermal heat pump ESPC project through utility bill analysis. Shonder, John A.; Hughes, Patrick J. Jul 1, 2006 6088
Nuclear power: not a green energy source. Moll, Marita Jul 1, 2006 1790
A short note on steady state behaviour of a Petlyuk distillation column by using a non-equilibrium stage model. Abad-Zarate, Erika Fabiola; Segovia-Hernandez, Juan Gabriel; Hernandez, Salvador; Uribe-Ramirez, Agu Jun 1, 2006 3026
Trillium Foundation, Ontario. May 22, 2006 790
Embodied energy: we can't measure the impact of solid waste unless we study the energy we throw away. Morawski, Clarissa Jan 1, 2006 688
Inco scores on Powerplay: employee-empowering programs have saved mining giant millions in uneccessary energy consumption. Louiseize, Kelly Dec 1, 2005 702
Protocol promises bumpy ride to Kyoto. Gilbert, Craig Mar 1, 2005 1391
Revolving funds: municipalities can turn their energy costs into gold. Kalapos, Gabriella; Jessup, Philip Jan 1, 2005 1114
Keeping the heat in: don't waste energy or money by heating the outdoors. Nov 1, 2003 552
Now that the lights are back on: deregulation will not stabilize our energy supply--policies that foster innovation will. Bocking, Stephen Sep 22, 2003 1349
New Energy efficiency incentives. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 194
Change think climate. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 3031
Big Bucks Equals More Hot Air. Agnolin, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 322

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