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Canada countdown: federal skilled worker class.

The following is an excerpt from Canada Countdown, How to Immigrate to Canada--A Guide Book.

Coming to Canada as a federal skilled worker has traditionally been the most popular route of entry to the country.

What most applicants don't realize, however, is that the application process is increasingly restrictive. Someone who was eligible 10 years ago may not make the cut today. That's because too many of the skilled workers who came here for better lives were sorely disappointed.

They did not find the opportunities and success they had anticipated in their field of expertise....

In recent years, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has modified and will continue to modify the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Class of immigration to improve immigrants' chances for success in Canada. The most recent changes to Canada's Skilled Worker Program were introduced on December 19, 2012, and are to be in effect as of May 4, 2013.

These changes are designed to enhance a new immigrant's chances of integrating into the Canadian workplace as quickly as possible by placing greater emphasis on age and language ability of both the principal applicant and their spouse.

In order to be eligible to apply as a skilled worker, you must:

* Have adequate work experience in one of the listed eligible occupations

* Meet a points score of 67/100

* Provide the results of an official language proficiency test as well as provide an evaluation of your educational certificates.

As mentioned, applicants for the Federal Skilled Worker Class are selected based on six criteria: language abilities, age, education, work experience, adaptability and whether or not they have arranged employment in Canada. There is a point system for this category, and the pass mark is 67.

Language is now the single most important factor under the new Skilled Worker criteria. Language proficiency is crucial, because it can bring you a maximum of 28 points. Unlike the other selection factors, this is one that you can improve in a relatively short time, in order to increase your score. If you speak both English and French, you must choose one as your first official language, preferably the one you know best. Your proficiency will be assessed based on your ability to speak, read, write and listen.

Canada Countdown is written by Nick Noorani and Catherine Sas QC. It is available for download online from www.


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