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Canada Finalizes New Off-road Diesel Sulfur Regulations.

Canadian environment minister Stephane Dion and health minister Ujjal Dosanjh announced earlier this week final regulations aimed at "significantly" reducing sulfur levels in diesel fuel used for rail, marine and other off-road purposes such as construction, agricultural and industrial equipment.

"These regulations set stringent new Canadian standards aligned with U.S. requirements, and by promoting the competitiveness of Canada's refining industry, the approach is aligned under the Government of Canada's Project Green, the broad environmental vision that links Canada's economic competitiveness and prosperity to a sustainable future," said Dion.

According to the Canadian government, the regulations introduce controls on sulfur in non-road diesel fuel from the current unregulated level to a 500 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) limit in 2007 and a 15 mg/kg limit starting in 2010.

The government noted that the two-phase approach to reducing the sulfur limit as set out in the regulations is required to meet industry standards, with the 15 mg/kg limit in 2010 ensuring that the level of sulfur in diesel fuel reaches the standards for the effective operation of new-generation, low-emission diesel engines for off-road construction, mining, farming and forestry equipment coming onto the market in model year 2011.

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Publication:Mobile Emissions Today
Date:Oct 20, 2005
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