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Canada Day: Mandarin Restaurant Offers Free for All Buffet.

Chinese-Canadian restaurant Mandarin, in celebration of Canada Day and its 35th anniversary, will be holding a Canada Day free-for-all buffet.

The restaurant will especially add a Celebrate Canada menu to its buffet from July 2 to 31, including poutine, tourtiere, bannock, maple-glazed salmon, blueberry pie, maple walnut ice cream and more.

All 22 Ontario locations, each serving over 150 items on the buffet, are involved in the feeding frenzy which starts at noon. Mandarin said it expects to serve over 50,000 sweet-and-sour chicken balls, 30,000 spring rolls and 30,000 fortune cookies.

There's a catch, however,

Not all people can make a mad dash for the free-for-all buffet. Mandarin has set conditions. To avail of the food for free, one must show a Canadian birth certificate, passport or citizenship card.

Other conditions of the Canada Day free-for-all buffet can be found ( here .

Mandarin Restaurant's Web site is ( here .

James Chiu, George Chiu, Diana Chiu and K.C. Chang, four immigrants from Taiwan and China, founded the restaurant 35 years ago, creating a small a la carte restaurant in Brampton.

This is not the first time Mandarin Restaurant will hold a day-long free buffet to commemorate Canada Day. The very first was on July 1, 2009. Its owners said they hold this kind of event once every five years.
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Date:Jun 24, 2014
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