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Canada : VANCOUVER CONSTRUCTION Projects is wrecked by Weed.

In Vancouver, the latest threat to major construction projects, comes from an unusual source, a weed that busts its way by highways, medians, concrete foundations and even metal.

The Japanese plant, which was partially blamed for cost overruns for site development during the London Olympics, last week was added to the BC Weed Control Act, meaning that landowners now have a legal obligation to control it.

Program manager for the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver, Jenifer Grenz, says this has ramifications for the province s building and construction industry as it can invoke a contractor s guarantee and add substantial costs to a project.

Grenz, also stated that, an occurrence of the plant may also raise further ramifications going forward regarding insurance.

Recently, it was found growing along the banks of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Metro Vancouver.

According to When you shred it, you are just turning it into a million new plants.

Increasing action on the part of regional districts and municipalities to eradicate the problem is encouraging, although adds that there is a need to raise awareness among developers and contractors as well as private landowners, especially contractors who are doing pre-loads and moving material onto a construction site, said by Grenz.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Sep 3, 2012
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