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The Regional District of the Central Kootenay Utility Services Manager - Jason McDiarmid along with ISL Engineering and Land Services had visited the location of the planned Fauquier Water Treatment facility on last Friday.

Under the subsequent move, there will be involvement of an onsite assessment.

BC Hydro has delivered complete financial support for a new water treatment facility, in line with the transfer agreement for relocation of the Fauquier service to the RDCK from BC Hydro in January 2011.

The contract for the plant s design and project management was secured by ISL Engineering.

Seven firms submitted bids for this job, but finally ISL Engineering won the deal in last month.

ISL had the best overall proposal, stated RDCK General Manager of Environmental Services.

The company will decide on the top treatment system for Fauquier facility, and will announce its decision after managing a one-month pilot project.

The Regional District plans to execute a well-established treatment technology, which will be dependable, inexpensive with lower maintenance costs, such as slow or rapid sand filtration method.

According to McDiarmid, the new plant will be operational in this fall, but prior to that there will be an information session for the community. However, this will take place after agreement is made on the comprehensive design stage of this facility, which is likely to be in May.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 19, 2013
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