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Canada's role at the U.N.

New York -- U.N. abortion promoters are getting nervous. The message of pro-life and pro-family lobbyists is starting to have more effect among delegations. Efforts to camouflage pro-abortion agendas seem less effective.

In June 2001 Canadian delegate Andras Vamos-Goldman admitted publicly that "reproductive health services" means abortion among such agencies as UNICEF and UNFPA. This created quite a stir because these agencies had denied having anything to do with promoting abortion.

Precisely which department of government this delegate worked for cannot at present be determined; he may merely have been an activist or member of another NGO. However, his stance is typical of Canadian delegates at United Nations conferences. Feminist and pro-homosexual attitudes have been prominent there for many years and their advocates have always made a point of proposing or supporting radical measures in direct opposition to traditional and religious principles.

Official Canadian delegates are chosen from various departments such as Justice, Foreign Affairs, or Status of Women; their activities at these conferences rarely make front-page news but nevertheless can have an important influence in Canada.

One example was the U.N.AIDS conference held in New York in June, 2001. On the final day, Canada and the European Union tried to ram through a set of "International Guidelines." In the name of human rights, these included a normalization of homosexuality, including same-sex marriage, penalties for those who "villify" this "orientation", further explicit sex education for children, and a removal of age-of-consent laws. Only the last still has not come to pass in Canada.

These "guidelines" were meant to be applied worldwide. Nations which refused to implement them would be in danger of being cut off from U.S. agencies and from World Bank funding. Fortunately, the bloc of Muslim nations, with the Vatican and the U.S.A. (now under President Bush), succeeded in having the "guidelines" removed from the final conference declaration

Canada played a prominent role in the April, 2003, Geneva meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Commission. With Brazil, it co-sponsored a resolution to amend the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Once again pressure from the Islamic Conference and its allies forced the UNHRC to postpone its vote for one year. (REALITY, Sept/Oct, 2001).

Currently, homosexual activists are redoubling their lobbying efforts among all governments. Canadian Catholics should know about these machinations carried out by the government in the name of all Canadians. Please also note that Prime Minister Martin has kept the homosexual Bill Graham in place as Foreign Affairs Minister, while sending the pro-homosexual Alan Rock as Canada's ambassador to the United Nations. The appoinment of Supreme Court Justice Louise Arbour as High Commisioner of Human Rights will further solidify the stranglehold of anti-family personnel at the U.N.
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Title Annotation:United Nations
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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