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Canada's official residences ... Who lives where?

Did you know that Canada has seven official residences? The federal government provides these special homes to important political leaders, including:

* the governor general (two residences)

* the prime minister (two residences)

* the leader of the opposition

* the speaker of the House of Commons

* foreign dignitaries visiting Canada


Below are photos of all seven official residences. Using the clues we've provided, can you figure out which political figure inhabits which home?


* The prime minister's main residence is usually referred to by its street address.

* The governor general's main residence is the largest of all the official residences.

* The leader of the opposition lives in a three-storey house with a one-word name.

* The prime minister retreats to this secondary residence to relax (and maybe go for a swim).

* The speaker lives in a farmhouse that once belonged to William Lyon Mackenzie King (Canada's 10th prime minister).

* Foreign dignitaries stay in a residence located close to Rideau Hall.

* The governor general's secondary residence is also an historic military site.



Six of the official residences are located in Canada's Capital Region (in or near Ottawa). The seventh is located in Quebec City. Can you guess which residence is in Quebec City?

The prime minister's main residence: 24 Sussex Drive

The governor general's main residence: Rideau Hall

The leader of the opposition's residence: Stornoway

The prime minister's secondary residence: Harrington Lake

The speaker's residence: The Farm at Kingsmere

Foreign dignitaries' residence: 7 Rideau Gate

The governor general's secondary residence: The Citadelle

Bonus Challenge: The Citadelle is located in Quebec City.

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