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Can you see me now?

The first question on your June Quiz left me scratching my head. You say the correct answer involves flight visibility as determined by the pilot and I understand that point for making an approach.

However the question involves planning and [section]91.169 talks about visibility from weather reports or forecasts. I'm not aware of any forecasts that specifically address flight visibility as opposed to surface visibility. I suppose a PIREP could be called a weather report and contain flight visibility, however I doubt the Feds would accept that.

Carl Klaiber Concord, N.C.

Fred Simonds is our quizmaster and we spoke with him a bit about that. He was trying to set up for the concept later that the only thing that matters for 91.175(c) (going below mins) is flight visibility as determined by the pilot.

Of course, you're right that METARs, TAFs and Area Forecasts are the only determinant of visibility for alternate planning purposes.

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Date:Sep 1, 2014
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