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Can you fly SOLO? When it comes to being on your own, do you spread those wings or are you more of a stick-with-the-crowd girl? Take this quiz to find out...

1. Bae is going skiing with their crew for the long weekend. How will you occupy yourself for three whole days?

A. Beg your dad to take you the mountains, then surprise them on the slopes. Well, make that the bunny slope.

B. Make plans to fill up your weekend because you're gonna miss them...bad.

C. Get your Netflix binge all cued up and have Bro grab you some Thai takeout. You've been dying for some alone time.

2. The final project for your cooking class is to make a five-course meal. You have the option to work alone or team up with a couple of classmates. What's your pick?

A. Group project, of course. You're definitely going to need a sous chef or two.

B. If one of your pals wants to pair up, fine. But you've watched enough Top Chef to know what happens to people with weak partners.

C. Work alone, for sure. You have your own ideas for the meal and want to run with them.

3. Over tea lattes, your crew strikes up a convo about immigration. Your opinion def differs from everyone else's, so you...

A. Keep quiet. You must be missing something if no one else sees things your way.

B. Say what you think. If you start getting questioned about your point of view, you'll just say you need to go babysit your bro and dash.

C. State your opinion proudly. You've listened to what the others think, but you know you have some valid points, too.

4. Everyone you know is obsessed with TikTok, but you don't see what all the hype is about. When your bestie bugs you to post, you...

A. Start lip-synching like it's your job. If everybody else is doing it...

B. Like a few people's vids and leave it at that. You have enough on your plate.

C. Tell her you're just not into it and stick to Instagramming instead.

5. Spring break is almost here--and the fam is headed to Hawaii! Your sisters plan to spend every minute at the pool, which sounds bor-ing. What do you do?

A. Give in and park your towel on the chaise next to them all day, every day. Sure, you'd love to be hiking or stand-up paddleboarding, but that wouldn't be any fun without them.

B. Invite them on an early morning run, then treat them to smoothies afterward. If they dig it, you'll propose going for a long bike ride the next day.

C. Make a list of fun solo ideas (learn to sail a catamaran! Take a ukulele lesson! Read that book you've been carrying around since Christmas!) and see how many you can cross off. You'll hang with your fam when you can.

6. Your two besties are heading to the movies...with their baes. As the only single gal of the group, what do you do?

A. Stay home. No way you're going to be the odd one out.

B. Call up another friend to see if she wants to join you. Or just make other plans that don't involve you being a fifth wheel.

C. Head out with them, but check out that artsy flick that you've been dying to see instead of their rom-com. It's not like you talk to anyone while you're in the theater, so what's the diff?

7. Everyone-and we mean everyone--in your family has gone to the same band camp each year. You have, too, but you're ready to try something new this summer. How do you break it to your parents?

A. You don't. Your older sisters have won the camp's talent show for three years straight and you know it would kill 'em if you didn't keep the streak alive.

B. Compromise: Go to band camp for half the summer, then try out another one for the rest of vacay. It's a win-win.

C. You just come out and tell them: You're over the camp, and you'd like to branch out and explore your other interests instead. Easy, peasy.

8. This summer, your BFF's family is spending one month at their cabin in the middle of nowhere. She's invited you to join her for a week but that means your very first solo plane ride--and two-hour layover. So, you...

A. Freak. It's scary enough you'll be flying alone, but two hours by yourself? You may need to reconsider the trip.

B. Shrug your shoulders and make a mental note to be on the lookout for cute hiking boots.

C. Go online and start researching the area. You bet you can find some cool nearby attractions that even she hasn't heard of yet.




You're not a big fan of being alone, which is all well and good, except when it conies at a cost to you. If you're going against your gut just to fit in--or avoiding sitches where you'll have to be by your lonesome--then it's time to branch out a bit. Try doing one or two things a week without anyone with you. You'll soon realize that a party of one can still be a party.



You love having people around, but you're also just as comfy without the crowd. Because you're super confident, you're not afraid to speak your mind--or strike out on your own every once in a while. You know that your friends and family will still love you whether you follow their lead or not, so keep doing what you're doing. It's working.



You're totally cool with flying solo. While being such a free bird is a great thing (and, hello, a key part of growing up), make sure your independence isn't isolating you. If it seems you're spending less and less time with friends and family, maybe think about mixing it up. Even if you're not doing *exactly* what you want to do all the time, you'll have fun spending precious moments with those you heart.
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