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Can you believe it?

Take a Wacky Facts Quiz


Test your best guess for these rando bits of possible reality. Try it with friends, too!


1. Who has more body hair: You or a chimpanzee?

2. Guide dogs for the blind can't tell a red light from a green one. True or false?

3. When your room is dusty, are you responsible?

4. Can a bird fly faster than an airplane?

5. Can a waterfall ever go up?

6. How much can a woman lose over a lifetime because of unfair pay? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?


Can Your Pet Read Your Mind?

Zyair's dog Mollie (above) can certainly read her mind: Zyair had just had the thought that she'd love a kiss from Mollie! Do you think animals can sense what a human companion is thinking about?

You may think it's true if your pet takes off after seeing you get out a pet carrier and talking about going to the vet. Science may back you up. In one study, dogs showed empathy, offering a lick to volunteers who were crying as opposed to those who were simply humming.

Animals can sense medical conditions, including emotional ones such as panic. In NMG's November/December 2015 issue, Kaelyn, 9, North Carolina, told how her dog JJ can tell that she is having a dangerous allergy reaction before Kaelyn can. JJ then brings Kaelyn her life-saving medicine.

Some scientists say that animals are more often acting from training rather than mind-reading. Share what you think. Pop over to p. 5 to see how to send your thoughts for an upcoming issue.


1. We have the same number of hair follicles per square centimeter as all the great apes. But our hair is finer and harder to see than their darker and longer body hair.

2. All dogs are colorblind, so dogs can't tell the color of lights. But they are trained to look for danger to their owner, so if the human hears no traffic sounds and tells the dog to move, the dog will not move until all cars have passed.

3. Yes: You slough off nearly one million dead skin cells a day (it's normal!) and much of that end up as "dust" on your floor.

4. Yes, most small planes fly under 200 miles per hour, but peregrine falcons can fly over 200 mph.

5. Some waterfalls in Hawaii and Iceland and other places flow up because very strong winds push the water up and out before it can come down.

6. Latina women in the U. S. working fulltime over 40 years would lose over $1,000,000 on average that would be paid to a man with an equivalent job. Their pay gap is biggest, but other losses occur, according to the National Women's Law Center: Native women, $930,000; African-American women, $850,000; white women, $420,000; Asian women, $350,000

You may hear all kinds of interesting info, but not all of it is true. Try on these perspectives and see if you can believe them.

Puzzle: Triangle time

How many triangles are in this image?


No triangles at all! There are 3 V shapes and 3 shapes that look like pies without a piece. Our minds expect triangles, so we "see" them.

Laughter medicine--really?

Can making yourself laugh make you happy? I didn't believe it until I tried laughter yoga. What happens is that you do silly postures or make goofy sounds that make you keep laughing. When you laugh a lot, it makes you healthier because it brings more oxygen into your blood, and laughter releases more endorphins, brain chemicals that make us happier. It's as healthy as eating kale!

I did a little training to do laughter yoga. You can look for a group where you live (there are groups in over 100 countries), or do laughter yoga on your own or with some friends.

Here's an exercise that might get you giggling. Clap your hands while saying boo-ba-boo-baba. Now keep saying it while you kick your legs up every time you say it instead of clapping. Now try it again saying hije-fije-boo-ba and clapping.

Studies show that actual laughter (not just smiling) can help physically and mentally. Think that's true? I do--here's me doing it. Try it and find out!

--Taysha, 11, Costa Rica


What--plants can eat animals?

I've had a fascination with carnivorous plants since I was a little kid, but recently I wanted to actually own some. The plant shown here with me is named Summer. She's a pitcher plant, or more specifically, Sarracenia Redneck. Unlike most plants that live off minerals, carnivorous plants feed on insects and they enjoy poor soil!


Pitcher plants trap insects by luring them with sweet smelling nectar in their pitchers (leaves). The bugs will then fall into the pitcher, and the acidic nectar breaks down the insect's flesh so that they can digest it. Even though this might sound gruesome, they actually make fantastic companions!

--Anika, 15, North Carolina

Puzzle: What's your line?

Are the horizontal lines straight?


All the lines are straight. Because the black and white blocks aren't lined up perfectly, your mind interprets the lines as sloping.
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