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Can the NFL and the NFLPA Bridge the $775 Million Gap?

Byline: Maury Brown

Welcome to the movie Groundhogs Day. You haven't woke up living dejA0x20 vu, it's really the second Monday before the current CBA in the NFL is set to expire.

And while on the face of it, it looks like "second verse, same as the first", it's really is a whole new game this week. Yes, the deadline is Friday at midnight, but the change in the landscape is closer to night and day compared to a week ago.

There's a feeling that pessimism is giving way to optimism. That, after all the rhetoric and coming near the NFL version of Armageddon, the NFL and NFLPA might get a deal done without the NFLPA dissolving to block owners want of a lockout.

But, we're still a ways from getting there. How much? How about a reported $775 million annually.

Yes, the NFL has said they would like to have an additional $1 billion in expense credits. That on top of the $1 billion they already are receiving. So, basically, the movement has been approx. $225 million per year.

And, if it seems like $775 million when we're talking slicing up over $9 billion annually, think again. If a new CBA were reached that was of the same duration as the current CBA (5 years), the amount totals $3.875 billion, a staggering sum.

And, while there's been more movement in the last week than there was in the last 2 years, consider what one player rep had to say (

"We still have no formal proposal," Redskins union rep Vonnie Holliday said.

And remember, as we outlined in our Q&A over the weekend, there's nothing to say yet another extension can't be met.



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Date:Mar 7, 2011
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