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Can herbs help me get over painful break-up?; DR YVONNE CASEY'S COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE.


I RECENTLY went through an unexpected break-up and am feeling nervous and panicky all the time. Is there anything to help?

nYOUR initial reaction is one of shock. Allow your emotions to catch up with events and consider taking the homeopathic remedy aconite to help calm your nerves. Take two 30c tablets every hour for the first six doses, then one tablet twice daily until you feel more settled. Aconite is available in most health shops and pharmacies.

MY doctor tells me I have an enlarged prostate and the worst aspect of it is I have to get up two to three times a night to go the bathroom. Is there anything I can do?

MANY men in your situation have benefited by taking Saw Palmetto Complex, which acts specifically on the prostate gland. Take 15 drops in a little water three times daily for at least two months. Also try to get more zinc from your diet, an important mineral when it comes to the prostate. One of the best sources is pumpkin seeds. Just a handful a day is enough. Saw Palmetto Complex is a Bioforce remedy widely available in health stores, as are pumpkin seeds.

I'VE suffered a lot of health problems for the past two years and lost a lot of weight. This has been fully investigated by my doctor, who puts it down to all I've been through. Could you recommend a diet to gain a few pounds? I am 75.

nWHAT you need is the right sort of food to build you up. As well as an abundance of vegetables, eat plenty of 'good' carbohydrates e.g. brown rice and potatoes. Also, eat lots of unsalted nuts and dried fruit, bananas, whole grains, wheatgerm and seeds. Remember to eat enough protein soya products are particularly good and there's a great range to choose from nowadays.

MY two-year-old grandson suffers terrible ear trouble. I look after him at the weekends and am so distraught as I don't know what to do to ease his pain. Antibiotics help for a while but he's too young to keep taking them. What else can we do?

nPOP five drops of Bioforce's Plantago onto a small piece of cotton wool and leave in his ears overnight. Repeat on a nightly basis for as long as need be. This remedy is widely available in health stores. IAM well past the menopause and wonder if I should be taking a calcium supplement. Some of my friends are urging me to take what they are on but I find the tablets hard to swallow and upset my tummy. Is there an alternative?

nWHAT you need is an easily absorbable form of calcium without the adverse side affects. Try Bioforce's Urticalcin five small tablets dissolved slowly under the tongue, twice daily, will meet your needs. Continue long term. You will find this in most health shops.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 14, 2004
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