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Can You Find It? America: Search and Discover More Than 150 Details in 20 Works of Art.

Can You Find It? AMERICA: Search and Discover More Than 150 Details in 20 Works of Art (2010; $16.95), by Linda Falken. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Abrams Books for Young Readers.

This is a book that can be useful for teachers working with primary-school students (grades K-4). Excellent color reproductions of paintings, prints and textiles from the Metropolitan Museum of Art are included--such as Thanksgiving Turkey by Grandma Moses; Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze; and The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt.

Each work has a listing of small details included in the art that need to be found by students. In total, there are 20 works of art and 150 details to be found. The end of the book has an index showing the place of each detail, along with a brief historical summary of the work of art.

After using this book, teachers can expand on the large question: "Can we find America?" Of course, there are so many other images possible. And, more importantly, we need to think beyond the identification of small visual details to engage in larger ideas and values that can be realized through works of art. This is a book that suggests many possibilities of what can be done by an effective teacher.--J.J.H. | circle# 400

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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
Publication:Arts & Activities
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 29, 2010
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