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Can You Feel the Force?

Can You Feel the Force? by Richard Hammond Dorling Kindersley Limited

Can You Feel the Force explores the weird and wonderful side of physics. Find out why balls bounce but dogs don't. Why fighter pilots have to wear specially tightened underwear. And why bubbles are round Impale a potato with a drinking straw, or stick two books together and witness the mysterious force of friction. You'll soon discover that physics isn't just for the laboratory--it's part of your everyday life.

Why are clouds white?

It's not just air molecules that scatter light. The water droplets in clouds scatter light too, but they are much bigger than air molecules and so can scatter long as well as short wavelengths. Since all the different wavelengths add up to make white, the light we see from clouds is white.

Why is the sea blue?

A glass of water is colorless, but water in the sea is deep blue on a sunny day. The color of water is caused by a process different from scattering. Water absorbs long wavelengths of light, such as red. but lets short wavelengths like blue pass through and bounce around. So light that passes through water is blue. In very deep water the blue is absorbed too and the sea turns black.

Why do stars twinkle?

Look at the stars and you'll notice they shimmer and change--they twinkle But if you're lucky enough to see a planet, it won't twinkle at all. Why the difference? Stars are millions of times farther away, so we see them as tiny pinpricks of light: The beam of light from a star as so thin that pockets of hot and cold air in the atmosphere can bend it, making the star twinkle.
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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