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Can Ye All Christians begin seeking the God of Man?

In a little over three months from this August, we hopefully, and by the Love and Mercy of God, shall enter into the month of December, where we shall expect the festival of prophecies as the year draws to a close.

Many Churches will organise crusades, healing services to end the year and usher in the new one. That will be the period when every man and woman of God will exhibit their importance and high rankings in the House of God, and come out with very powerful messages allegedly from God to us, the mere mortals.

Most advertising columns will be taken over by announcements and directions to the exact places where this or that powerful man or woman of God is; and where Jesus Christ is lodging, so it will be very important that whenever one wants to meet Jesus face to face, that will be the only place, apart from Heaven, to go and seek the Lord.

The uniqueness of this year is that it will usher in an election year. And the prophecies will take another turn, for they will flow all year round until December 8, when Ghanaians will be having some idea, as to which of the Gods had it right; the God of this man of God, or that other man of God.

With results declared, those prophets whose prophecies did not come through will find ways of interpreting the tongues they used to prophesy. And be sure, their explanations will make some sense as to why the other party won.

Some clever blokes will spin in safety valves by asking people to pray seriously to ask God to either remove the threat or fulfil the goodness in that prophecy. Either way, if things do not to come the way we wanted, then all mortals are to blame for not praying hard enough.

Surely, and I also prophesy, having come from the House of the Prophet Daniel, that we shall have prophecies of who is to die and other disasters. I will bet, with the news coming from NASA that Asteroid 2019 OK, on July 25, 2019, missed earth by just 65,000 kilometres and that is actually a sure sign of even larger civilisation-ending space rocks hitting our home planet soon, there shall be prophecies of the exact date and time.

What is a bit worrisome, is that even though God knows who is to be the next president, He never discloses it to man. At best, He may only inspire people to look the direction of a particular candidate. But to wake up someone to whisper in his or her mind that such a fellow is His choice is near to impossibility at this day and age.

And why will God not do that? To begin with, why do the priests and pastors of the mainline churches, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican, not also prophesy about who will win the elections? From the look of things, God is much closer to such servants due to many reasons, including the virtue of humility and servitude found in most of them.

And God will not seek division among His people. A pastor, in this case a so-called man of God, has a primary responsibility to unite the flock and lead them to God. Among the flock are members of the various political parties, who will wish their party won the elections.

Once the man or woman of God takes sides and becomes partisan, there will be division among the rank and file. Those whose parties are not favoured will begin to feel left out. Some members may leave for other churches, especially to where the pastors are on the side of their political party.

What really happens by way of prophesying about who wins the elections is no prophecy from God. It is from a number of things which include very strong feelings towards one political party or candidate; the conviction that wells up from the guts that Party A and its candidates will win, and perhaps, just favouring one party and hating the others.

In most cases, it is the ability to become the highest bidder that will win favour from God, according to the acts of the average man or woman of God.

None of these is from God, and yet, He is always ridiculed by men and women who claim they are His men and women, who, for almost a year, each will come out proclaiming that God has ordained and anointed this or the other person to be our next ruler; a whole lot of different prophecies as words coming directly from the Sacred Mouth of God.

Reader, just hold on briefly and think this issue over. Can God conflict Himself? Can God never make up His mind? So now, He who is omniscient and can see a thousand years spread in the middle of His Palm cannot know who will win an election race which will take place within a year?

Other religions do not seem to reduce God or their Supreme Being that low and may hold Him that high that He is never added to the equation of games of chance.

Christians, especially those in Ghana and Africa, seem ever-ready to get answers for the future without dedicating their lives to the service of God and always wait on Him. So someone is going to write an examination, the prophet must tell him what God has for him; someone is jobless and it is the prophet who must tell him when he or she will land that job and which type of job; someone wants to marry, and it is the prophet who must direct God to choose the spouse to be; someone wants children, and the prophet will 'come straight from God's office in Heaven' to say when those children will start dropping; the list is endless.

What is going on is spiritual laziness, which is affecting the positive growth in our society, because all we do is to sit and wait for God to provide the rains before we cultivate the crops, while in some other countries people 'bring down the rain, all year round' in the form of irrigation, so they do not have to wait for the heavens to open before they plough the fields. This ridiculous way of behaving is now manifesting through our general way of life; 'the prophet says, the man of God says, that God says...and so shall it be, we await the day of the Lord's visitation'

Instead of modern day new revival Christians seeking the God of man, they seek the man of God. Everyone wants to know what is going to happen the next minute, instead of seeking God's counsel and committing all that is going to happen within the next twenty-four hours to God's will.

Knowing about the future by fire, by force, before we take the next step is more like not really trusting God; He must tell us of His intentions before we make that move. And sorry, if you do not trust God can, then He will not hear your cries.

More so, He may not really accept that conduct as happened to King Saul when he went to visit that witch of Endor to find out his fate (1 Samuel 28: 4-19), because He expects all of us, including the so called men and women of God, to obey Him, pray, do His Holy Will and wait upon Him. We are not to regard Him as a Worker of some magic in our lives, or as an ATM to supply our wants by the press of a knob.

With the way these so-called man and women are going, dictating or ordering God to send favours in lives of their church members, when such favours fail to become manifest, souls will become disappointed in God and may seek favours from fetish priests and Satanists.

The servants, men and women of God are very important in our lives, since they are to show us the Way, the Truth, and the Life to a good relationship with God. And that is a personal relationship, which is mandatory by submitting ourselves with great humility to God at all times, so that whenever we call on Him, He as the Good Shepherd, will hear and know our voices and come to us.

We seem to be delegating that responsibility only to the man of God; so what happens when we get caught up in a situation where that human being is not around?

Today, all kinds of unholy acts are made in sanctuaries that are supposed to have been dedicated to God. It seems there is some competition among these so-called men and women of God, as each one and the other wants to out-prophesy, out-heal and out-speak the rest. Instead of God being put in the center, we find God is now side-lined, and rather ordinary sinful humans have usurped the role of the Divine and projected as the powerful this or the powerful that.

Verbal attacks packaged with accusations and counter-accusations among the supposed holy labourers in the Lord's vineyard, have made acts of politicians look like nursery rhymes compared to reciting passages of the Bible in Latin.

And the way some good and vulnerable children of God have been held captive to believe only in their man or woman of God is quite amazing. They view all acts and words of their leaders as sacrosanct and signed by God. Even when it is obvious that such acts and words are of the flesh, they are ready to defend or even kill anyone who disputes their men and women of God.

It is about time all labourers in the Lord's vineyard lead their followers to seek the God of the man, and not going after and depending only on the man of God.

Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.
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Publication:Ghanaian Chronicle (Accra, Ghana)
Date:Aug 29, 2019
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