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Can We Heal Ourselves Naturally Without Supplements, Medication And Doctor Consultation?

[USPRwire, Tue Jun 13 2017] That has been the question on many people's minds although there are conflicting views verbally due to their beliefs, upbringing and values.

Some think it is possible if we learn to take responsibility for our health while others think otherwise and feel it will be best to leave ourselves and loved ones in the care of competent doctors and nurses or recommending supplements which may work for some but not for others.

While there is no right and wrong answer pertaining to those, that one question itself has drawn up many possibilities though whether or not anyone taking action on those is another matter put together.

Truth being said, nobody likes to fall sick. Yet inevitably at certain points of our lives as a child, teenager, adult and in our advanced aging years, our health suffers. It can be due to internal and external factors. While we do not have complete control over the external ones, we do have in ourselves to control what we should do and not do in order to stay healthy and live longer as far as we can humanly can.

With that said, here are my 5 points on what and why you should do.

1. Educating Yourself

The first thing you need to do is to educate yourself on health and medical matters. While that may seem a boring subject, we all have to learn and take accountability for our well-being as I earlier mentioned.

While doctors can advise us, you need to know and understand they are also making a living as a profession of doing this. Hence there is a price to pay for their consultation and medicine they prescribed to us.

The more serious our health is in jeopardy, the higher our expenses. In consultation, medicine, treatment and even hospital stay if necessary. Especially when the country is developed and advanced in medical and science technology.

If you are free, go down to your nearest library or bookstore and pick a few books you should read. Especially when it comes to cancer, fats and nutrition which by far are the most critical in our lives given that most people become obsene and overweight from eating more than what is neccessary.

You can also do the same online via Google research.

2. Exercising Regularly

Most of us hate the idea of waking up early and exercising.

That is why only a selected few - especially entertainment celebrities and supermodels - are fitter and more humble than us.

According to the pictures and comments some posted on their Facebook timelines such as supermodels Amber Chia and Fiona Fussi from Malaysia and Singapore, they not only exercise regularly but become obsessed and passionate with what they do.

Simply put, they don't just exercise for the sake of exercising or keeping fit.

They do so to preserve their image and impression others have of them when they first won the contests.

3. Eating Healthy

This brings me to the third point.

I come from Singapore where there is a variety of great food from local and foreign cultures. Hence my country is nicknamed food paradise whereby people can order and eat whatever they want.

While there is nothing wrong with that at first glance, there is a limit to what our body can take and break down what we eat.

As we grew older, our metabolism becomes weaker and rustier.

And when it does, it turns slower in digesting and dispensing the food substances - especially oils from fried meats. Which attributes to most of us getting fat when we are in our mid 20s and beyond.

For women, this is a more serious issue especially when they tend to eat a lot either during or after pregnancy.

4. Network And Socialize In Fitness Programmes

Some people like to keep fit by themselves while others preferred company.

Such as friends and real experts whom they can learn and apply.

In this case, fitness classes such as the ones at the aerobics and gym centres and community clubs serves as the best solutions.

5. Scheduling Your Food And Amount Of Intake

Not many people like to do this.

But it is absolutely necessary since we spent most of our time working and very little time on eating what we should and should not consume in large quantities.

If you are working for 5 days for example, you should restrict yourself to 3 meals about the size of your fist in terms of rice, meat and vegetables. Same for noodles and bread.

Especially from Mondays to Thursdays where you are required to get up early every morning just to be on time for work and our bodies need at least 3-4 hours to completely digest and break down what we ate for dinners. This also explalined why some people preferred to have dinner as early as 5-6 pm instead of conventional 7-8pm. Especiallly if they need to sleep early to wake up earlier than most others so as not to get caught in traffic jams and be punctual.

Anything beyond such as burgers, pizzas and other fried stuff should be preserved for second half of Fridays and weekends.

With that said, that answers the question title of whether we can be healthy through natural means instead of relying on doctors constantly.

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Date:Jun 13, 2017
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