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Can't find vehicle allowance.

I am an RN in a public hospital and am often on call. I know I can claim for the use of my vehicle when called in, but what is the rate of the allowance and where is detailed?

The Public Health System Nurses' & Midwives' (State) Award at Clause 21, Car Allowance, stipulates that an allowance will be paid "... based on the rates prescribed by Item 6 of Table 1 of the Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular C2010-28 Review of Meal, Travelling and Other Allowances (as amended or replaced)!'

Circular C2010-28 has been replaced by Circular C2011-30, and Item 6 sets out two rates, a business rate and a casual rate (40% of the business rate). For a private motor vehicle maintained primarily for other than official business, the casual rate applies, which is as follows:

* Engine capacity 2601cc and over: 30.0 cents per km

* Engine capacity 1601-2600cc: 29.6 cents per km

* Engine capacity 1600 or less: 25.2 cents per km

These rates are mirrored in Ministry of Health Information Bulletin IB2009_049 Private Motor Vehicle Use on Official Business--Transport Rate. Policy Directive PD2009_016 Travel--Official sets out the precise requirements for the application of business and casual rates.

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