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Camping Highlight.

Cover a lot of territory with ease.

Highlight Trips are for people who like to dayhike scenic trails and move to new camps to cover more ground. For luxurious mountain travel, try one of our wilderness Highlight Trips. On moving days pack animals carry food, equipment, and most personal gear from camp to camp. You are free to hike to the next camp at your own pace, enjoying unencumbered opportunities to explore. Other Highlight Trips use vans between sites, enabling you to visit a larger territory. Accommodations range from campgrounds to lodges.

In Search of Trogons, Owls, and Hummers: Birding Southeast Arizona. April 24-30. Owling by the light of the silvery moon and trogoning by day, birders will have a hummer of a time searching for specialty species from the lower Sonoran Desert to high mountain summits. Everything from greater peewees, painted redstarts, zone-tailed hawks, and the incredible elegant trogon to Mexican vagrants. Up to nine possible species of hummingbirds and owls. Van transport and lodging included. Leader: John O'Donnell. Price: $895; Dep: $100. [99054A]

"Roughing it" on the Rogue, Rogue River Valley, Oregon. May 3-8. Dayhike from lodge to lodge along 40 miles of southern Oregon's beautiful Rogue River Valley. Designated a Wild and Scenic River by Congress in 1968, the Rogue is steeped in the history and color of the gold seekers and settlers of the late 1800s. No tents, no bags, great food, and clean, warm beds. Couples encouraged. Leader: Jim Jackson. Price: $995; Dep: $100. [99200A]

Alaska Sampler: Traveling Base Camp, Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, and Kenai Fjords Parks. July 5-17. See description in the Alaska section on page 57 for more details. Leader: Blaine LeCheminant. Price: $1,795; Dep: $200. [99023A]

Angling Alaska: Kenai Peninsula, Central Alaska, and Bristol Bay. August 2-13. See the Alaska section on page 58 for more details. Leaders: Don Murch and Chuck Schultz. Price: $2,395; Dep: $200. [99027A]


Celebrate the end of this century by hiking one or more parts of this incredible trail! The John Muir Trail follows the spectacular crest of the Sierra Nevada, from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park to Mt. Whitney in Kings Canyon Park. This series of seven Highlight trips will visit some of the most beautiful parts of the John Muir Trail and will honor the man who inspired us to preserve wilderness for future generations.

We've divided the trail into seven trips, each one with a different leader. As with other Highlight Trips in the Sierra Nevada, these are pack-supported, allowing you to travel this rugged and breathtaking country carrying only a daypack. Each trip is eight days long (from Sunday to Sunday) and most have two layover days.

Come join us on this special series of adventures! The price of each segment is $1,150, with a $200 deposit. If you sign up for one or two additional segments, the price is $900 each. If you sign up for six, the seventh is free!

Segment 1: Paradise Found, Yosemite Park and Minarets Wilderness. July 25-August 1. Travel through some of the most unique, spectacular parts of the Sierra--Yosemite, Thousand Island Lake, Devils Postpile, and Mammoth Lakes--all in one trip. Two layover days for fishing, swimming, exploring, or just relaxing. Leader: Sy Gelman. [99201A]

Segment 2: Mammoth Lakes to Silver Divide, Mono Pass, and Rock Creek. August 1-8. In this area of granite basins, alpine lakes, and 12,000-foot peaks, we'll explore the northern slope of Silver Divide, cross over into glacially sculpted Mono Creek canyon, and ascend to Mono Recesses and beautiful Pioneer Basin. Five moderate hiking days and two layovers. Leader: Emily Benner. [99202A]

Segment 3: Rock Creek to North Lake, John Muir Wilderness and Inyo Forest. August 8-15. We'll hike 52 miles among towering peaks, wildflowers, and sparkling lakes. We'll cross three passes near or above 11,000 feet and two glacially scoured basins before ending our journey at North Lake. Two layovers. Leader: Modesto Piazza. [99203A]

Segment 4: Evolution Country. August 15-22. From North Lake we trek south through remote glaciated granite canyons, 10,000-foot wind-blown passes, and isolated lake basins. A layover at Evolution Lake allows time for snoozing or peak climbs. Leader: Patrick Colgan. [99204A]

Segment 5: South Lake through Palisades Lakes. August 22-29. Ascend Bishop Pass and join the trail in Dusy Basin. Follow the Kings River through LeConte Canyon, into Deer Meadow with views of the Middle Palisade. Over Mather and Taboose passes then down to Big Pine. Leader: Bill Davies. [99205A]

Segment 6: At the Source--south Fork Kings River, Kings Canyon Park. August 29-September 5. A gallery of familiar high country scenes including Bench Lake with its imposing Arrow Peak backdrop, Colosseum Mountain, and the Kearsarge Pinnacles. We hike 20 miles of the trail, and 45 miles altogether. Leader: Jim Watters. [99206A]

Segment 7: Onion Valley to Whitney Portal, Kings Canyon and Sequoia Parks. September 5-12. This final segment of the trail takes us from Onion Valley, over Kearsarge and Forester passes, to Whitney Portal. On our two layover days we can opt to explore Center Basin or climb Mt. Whitney. Leader: David Bernstein. [99207A]
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