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Campbell's on a quest to overcome his depression.

INTENSELY personal and candid, Alastair Campbell explores his decades of struggle with depression, asking if radical treatments can make a difference.

Beginning with a home video diary, Alastair explains that he has PICK OF THE DAY ALASTAIR CAMPBELL: DEPRESSION AND ME BBC2, 9pm has just plunged into a period of despair, having "close to suicidal feelings".

It's a shocking start, particularly when we only know the public face of Alastair, the journalist and political aide famous for his role as Tony Blair's formidable spin doctor.

Behind the public persona, Alastair has been plagued by crippling bouts of depression and has been taking various anti-depressants for decades - but nothing really works.

Wondering if there is something out there to help him lead a happier life, he says: "What is going on inside my head? I want to understand my depression and find out if modern science has any way of treating it."

Encouraged and supported by his family, Alastair sets out to explore what cutting edge science can offer him - and millions like him - in the hope of living without depression.

There are interviews with family, too. His partner Fiona Millar says: "His depression has a profound impact on the people around him. It controls my emotions as well."

Fiona wonders whether Alastair needs to dig up issues from his past, but Alastair doesn't believe there is any dark secret to his Alastair undergoing a trial dose of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation childhood. Could his brother's diagnosis of schizophrenia have kickstarted the depression? Reflecting back on key events in his life, from family to the pressure of politics, it's an Alastair Campbell in the Scottish Highlands

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:May 21, 2019
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