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Campaign trail. (Brandwatch).

WOTSITS manufacturer Walkers brand Wotsits agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO budget part of a 2m [pounds sterling] campaign

Walkers' first TV advertising for its newly-acquired Wotsits brand kicks off this weekend. It features schoolchildren dancing to a funky rap track and a teacher stealing his pupils' snacks. Support also includes PoS material and a share of the company's sponsorship of kids' programme SMTV.

EUMOVATE manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline brand Eumovate Cream agency Ogilvy budget 1m [pounds sterling]

Eumovate Eczema and Dermatitis Cream returns to TV screens next week for a six-week advertising burst. Featuring a woman taunted by the `voice' of skin flare-up, it explains how the product breaks the `itch-scratch' cycle.

SKIPS manufacturer KP Snacks brand Skips agency Publicis budget part of a 2.7m [pounds sterling] spend

Animated ads feature Tongue and his friends Nosey Parker, Lug `Ole and Lippy, and include the slogan `Stick a Skip on your tongue--it asked for it'.

PATAK'S manufacturer Patak's brand Patak's agency MPGM budget 1m [pounds sterling]

The vivid colours and vibrant Indian scenes of Patak's Colours campaign return to TV screens in selected regions from Monday (January 6). The company predicts that the commercial will reach 87% of its target audience of ABCI women in these areas.
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Title Annotation:Abbott Mead Vickers' new ad campaign
Comment:Campaign trail. (Brandwatch).(Abbott Mead Vickers' new ad campaign)
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Date:Jan 4, 2003
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