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Camp Director's Primer to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

This practical publication interprets the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides implications and applications of the act for camps of all types, sizes, and descriptions. Specific attention is given to applications of Title I (Employment) and Title 11 (Public Accommodations and Services Operated by Private Entities) to camp situations.

Chapters deal with such topics as who is covered by ADA with specific applications to camps including key definitions, and enforcement of the law. ADA implications for camp in the areas of transportation, staff and camper application processes, job descriptions, facility accessibility, and tax considerations are addressed. The book examines ADA'S implications to the concepts of program (i.e., mainstreaming goals, camper selection, staff training, general programming principles, procedures and rules, materials and skill-sequence adaptations).

This material will be helpful to any camp director or administrator in developing local action plans including accessibility audits. It includes discussion on access statements, facility and area surveys, program surveys, community needs assessments, transition plans and time lines. Self-evaluation questions concerning facility accessibility, A Quick Look Barriers Checklist, and An Employer's Self-Evaluation Checklist are especially helpful and valuable for camp staffs and administrators. Listings of resources for obtaining ADA materials and additional information add functional value to this publication.

The development of The Camp Director's Primer to the ADA was sponsored by the National Camp Executives Group (NCDG), which consists of national staff persons with camp portfolios from various youth-serving organizations, church groups, and national camp organizations. Endorsement and support for the legal intent of ADA by these sponsoring organizations is exemplified in the following statement from the book. "As our organizations and camps make plans to implement the ADA, the emphasis must extend beyond legal aspects and risk management issues. The goal must continue to be to create a substantially improved society which values each person, including those with disabilities. Our organizations must work to change attitudes and demonstrate inclusiveness and personal development as a model for society."

The Camp Director's Primer to the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 is available for $5.95 from the American Camping Association Bookstore, 5000 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN 46151-7902. Or call 1-800/428-2267. Also available from Markel Rhulen Underwriters and Brokers.

What follows is a list of additional resources on the Americans With Disabilities Act available from the American Camping Association Bookstore:

American Camping Association. (1992). The Americans With Disabilities Act Seminar Video. Martinsville, Ind.: American Camping Association. $49.95. Goltsman, S., Gilbert, A., Wohlford, S. and Kirk, N. (1992). The Accessibility Checklist: An Evaluation System of Buildings and Outdoor Settings. Berkeley, Calif: MIG Communications. $29.95. Goltsman, S., Gilbert, A., and Wohlford, S. (1992). The Accessibility Checklist: Survey Forms. Berkeley, Calif.: MIG Communications. $20.95. Havens, M. (1992). Bridges to Accessibility: A Primer for Including Persons With Disabilities in Adventure Curricula. Hamilton, Mass.: Project Adventure. $12.95. Klein, E. (1992). It's My Job: Job Descriptions for Over 30 Camp Jobs. Martinsville, Ind.: American Camping Association. $15.95 Rynders, J. and Schleien, S. (1991). Together Success fully: Creating Recreational and Educational Programs That Integrate People With and Without Disabilities. Arlington, Texas: Association for Retarded Citizens. 19.95.
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Author:Stein, Julian
Publication:Camping Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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