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Camp Community Day 2001: ACA Shares the Experience.

The week of July 16 marked the third annual celebration of Camp Community Day -- a day in which camps across the country were encouraged to raise the public's awareness of the value of the camp experience. Camps set aside a day to celebrate the power of the camp community during this commemorative week. Using tools provided by ACA, including the Congressional Toolkit, the new press kit, Under Construction: Kid Communities; and The ACA Power Packet, camp directors invited congressional representatives to visit their camps and used motivational programming ideas to enhance the spirit of community within their camps.

National office staff visits camps

ACA staff observed the celebration by visiting the following camps throughout the week:

* Bradford Woods Outdoor Education Camping Center, Martinsville, Indiana

* Camp Crosley YMCA, North Webster, Indiana

* Camp Dellwood, Indianapolis, Indiana

* Camp Gallahue, Morgantown, Indiana

* Camp Tecumseh, Brookston, Indiana

* Jameson Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

* Joy Outdoor Education Center, Clarksville, Ohio

* Kid City Day Camp, Bloomington, Indiana

* Ruth Lilly YMCA Outdoor Center, St. Paul, Indiana

Staff experience the value of camp

The camp visits offered staff an inside look at how camp enriches lives and changes the world. During the visits, each staff person was asked to look for answers to some important questions:

* What do campers and staff like best about camp? "When I asked campers this question, here's what they said, 'Seeing friends, getting away from home, and swimming.' Staff members stated, 'Impacting the lives of campers, seeing kids get along, and... it's fun!'" Eric Nei, associate in knowledge management.

* What kinds of things do you see that are intended to create a sense of community or belonging? "Lots of laughter and singing, especially at meal time. Group sessions happen often. During these sessions, campers/staff introduce themselves and tell everyone something special about themselves like their favorite sport or hobby." Terrie Nicodemus, media specialist.

* What is offered at camp that young people really can't get (or get as well) anywhere else? "The campers seemed very willing to attempt activities outside what could be considered their normal comfort zone including activities that could be deemed 'scary' and activities that are often stereo typed by gender." Michael Anthony, membership marketing specialist.

"The camp offers parents a respite from the twenty-four-hour care of their children with disabilities and teaches campers independence. The children are encouraged to go horseback riding, tree climbing, and participate in many activities they would never think of doing at home." Nina Pierson, business center shipping and receiving representative.

Your camp in the news

ACA requests that camps participating in Camp Community Day send a summary of their efforts and/or videotape to the national office. ACA may include your event in the Camp in the News 2001 video to be shared at the 2002 ACA National Conference in Washington, D.C. Please forward summaries and videotapes to Kim Bruno, American Camping Association, 5000 State Road 67 North, Martinsville, IN 46151-7902.
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