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Camille Convinces Cameron That Aliens Exist In 'Stitchers'.

The entire Stitchers team except for Cameron (Kyle Harris) is convinced that aliens and extraterrestrial beings exit in "Stitchers" Season 3, episode 8.

In the ( sneak peek released by Freeform for "( Dreamland ," Camille (Allison Scagliotti), Kirsten (Emma Ishta), Linus (Ritesh Rajan) and Cameron are all gathered inside the Stitchers office. Camille tells Cameron that aliens exist, and Kirsten agrees with her. Linus pretends to take Cameron's side, but very quickly convinces his friend that it's highly possible that aliens live on Earth.

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Camille goes on by asking Cameron if he thinks that the Stitchers program is the only secret program in the entire world. The former stresses that shows like the "X-Files" exists because of these various types of discoveries. Unfortunately, Cameron is still not convinced.

In another ( sneak peek released by Freeform for episode 8, Linus pays Camille a visit and encourages her to start getting over Amanda (Anna Akana). Linus tells Camille that they should go on a beach run. Initially, Camille says no to Linus' invitation, but the latter wouldn't go down without proving the he's a great friend to Camille. In the end, Camille agrees to go on a beach run with Linus, and she put even showed him her game face.

By the looks of it, Linus and Camille could eventually rekindle their romance. The two characters briefly dated each other in the previous season. But when "( Stitchers" Season 3 returned to Freeform a few months back , Linus was already interested in Ivy (Sarah Davenport), and Camille was hooked on Amanda.

Elsewhere in episode 8, the Stitchers team would investigate the murder of a former Air Force One officer. Kirsten would stitch into the deceased man's brain to find information on how he died. In order to successfully do so, Kirsten and her friends would reach out to the officer's former co-worker. The latter also happens to be a renowned UFO expert. Kirsten would gather all sorts of information from her stitch that she will share with Cameron, Linus and Camille.

"Stitchers" Season 3, episode 8 will air on Freeform on July 31 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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Date:Jul 31, 2017
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