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Cameron offers a broad line of slitter-rewinders.

Simplex slitter rewinders

The Cameron 1010/1060 series of simplex, center-surface slitter-rewinders are for salvage rewinding or general converting of most flexible webs. An alternative for nonwovens, papers, specialty coated materials, plastics and the like, their integral-handling provision results in low labor input, high productivity. Standard web widths available up to 84 in., speeds to 3000 fpm.

Duplex slitter-rewinders

Cameron offers a broad range of duplex slitter-rewinders. The GP-100 series is an extremely versatile, duplex, center-wind slitter-rewinder for web widths from 18 to 54 in. The GP-100 was developed especially for narrow-width applications such as pressure-sensitive adhesives, label and tag stocks. Also for paper products, film and foil, laminates, nonwovens, packaging materials, roll doctoring, and inspection operations as well as laboratory work.

The GP-1000 Series is a versatile, converting slitter-rewinder designed for operating efficiency with quick-change slitting elements, score to shear to razor and variable winding capabilities - center wind with automatic short-draw advance or combination center-surface wind with precise nip-pressure control. Standard web widths up to 84 in., speeds to 1500 fpm.

The 630, 6400 and 6800 series of large duplex slifter-rewinders offers the efficient way to handle papers, boards, specialty coated webs, laminations, films, foils and nonwoven materials that are lightweight, specially coated, tension sensitive or have across-the-web caliper variations or high-slip characteristics.

Two-drum slifter-rewinders

The 420/430 series of two-drum slitter-rewinders are converter sized but of mill quality. Of heavy-duty construction, these units are designed to provide the user with levels of dependability and versatility demanded by today's converting industry. The Cameron 420/430 Series are the most widely used of all Cameron two-drum slitter-rewinders.

The MT Series is a heavy-duty, two-drum slitter-rewinder with shaftless rewinding, multiple rewinding options and the Cameron Microtron microprocessor-control packages-one for paper mills, one for converting applications.

Continuous slifter-rewinders

The Cameron CSR Series of heavyduty, in-line, turret slitter-rewinders provides continuous operation. They are especially well suited to a variety of converter applications, including paper, film, printing coaters, laminates, pressure-sensitive adhesives and label and tag stocks.

Cameron CSR slitter-rewinders include automatic transfer, spacerless rewind mandrels and roll-stripping features with center and center surface rewind capability. The roll unloading system automatically offloads product onto customer pallet, roll dolly or conveyor. Razor-, score-and shear-slitting options are available. Rewind diameters available up to 30 in., and operating speeds up to 1000 fpm.

For an immediate response to your inquiry, contact Frank Pozar, vice president, Cameron Machine Division, Somerset Technologies, Inc., P.O. Box 791, New Brunswick, NJ, 08903. Phone: 908-356-6000; Fax: 908-356-0643.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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