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Cameron, Sharon. The Forgetting.

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Cameron, Sharon. The Forgetting. Scholastic, 2016. 416p. $18.99. 978-0-545-94521-9.

Every twelve years everyone forgets. People write the truth in theirr books to remind themselves of who they were before they forget. But, is it truth if no one remembers? Life can change because someone takes a book right before the forgetting. The people can lose who they were and become Lost. For Nadia, things are different. She does not forget. She knows that her father took the books of her sisters and her mother before the last forgetting. She knows that violent and horrible things happen during the forgetting. Nadia is a risk taker; she sneaks over the wall while everyone else is sleeping to get food for her family to supplement the meager supplies the city provides. Nadia does not make connections with other people because she knows they will forget her. Gray, the glassmaker's son, has other ideas. He is intrigued by Nadia and catches her going over the wall and demands that she take him. At first she is not going to, but then things start changing around their city of Canaan as the next forgetting approaches. Nadia wants to know why she remembers when no one else does? Or do they? What causes the forgetting? Who wrote the First Book of the Forgetting? Gray and Nadia unravel the truth, a truth stranger than either of them expected.

This novel begins as just another dystopian novel, but transforms into an amazing science fiction adventure. If people are made of nothing but their memories, what is a person who forgets? Cameron explores the human mind in this novel that questions what people would do to preserve or change their lives. Is there a universal truth, or just truth as the individual perceives it? Are humans just the sum total of their memories or are they more? If the citizens of Canaan forget everything, why does Nadia's mother seem to be haunted by the past, a past she is not supposed to remember? Nadia and Gray will either save or doom the city with their actions to find out about the Forgetting. --Barbara Allen.

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Author:Allen, Barbara
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2016
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