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Camera line goes Extreme IP.

The Extreme Series IP Cameras from Bosch Security Systems are designed to deliver strong IP surveillance in various lighting conditions and locations. The six models in the series also offer advanced optics, active infrared illumination, and onboard Intelligent Video Analysis. The EX30, EX80, EX82, and EX85 are all-weather outdoor IP cameras, for perimeter and general surveillance, and have Black Diamond night vision to produce clear images in environments where little or no light is available. They use high-signal, tow-noise video, reducing network bandwidth and storage requirements. The EX7 and EX36 are designed for use in places that require specific surveillance needs. They have a No Grip design, which prevents people from pulling on or hanging from the cameras, and the cast aluminum construction withstands vandalism. Pricing varies per model, with the EX7 beginning at $1,883. Check them out at

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Author:Herrmann, Michele
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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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