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CambridgeDocs Announces the Java Doc Library for Java based PDF and Word Publishing.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- General Purpose API Allows Word, WordML, HTML, and RTF to PDF Publishing from Java Applications Using XML and XSL:FO

CambridgeDocs today announced the upcoming release of a new product, the Java Document Library, which allows cross-platform Java applications to read, access and create Microsoft Word, WordML, HTML, RTF, and PDF files. The Java Document Library software development kit is especially useful for Java server-side applications that need to import or export textual or published content.

Using the publishing capabilities of the Java Document Library, applications running on Windows, Linux, and many Unix versions can read and write Word, HTML, and PDF documents.

Sample applications that are built on J2EE platforms which need the ability to read and write documents include Business Correspondence & Billing, Dynamic Product Catalog, Insurance Account Management, Technical Documentation, Research Reports, Scientific Papers, and General Publishing and Content Management.

"Until now, it has been difficult to read Word files and publish them to PDF from a pure Java application environment," said Rizwan Virk, CTO of CambridgeDocs. "Companies were limited to reading Word documents on a Windows server and needed to have Microsoft Word installed. The Java Document Library provides a general purpose solution to the problem of reading and writing Word and PDF for Java developers."

The Java Document Library can also convert existing files (WordML, Word, RTF, HTML, PDF) into XML and to XSL:FO, HTML, and into RTF.

The Java Document Library is a general purpose Application Framework and Java class library for incorporating document functionality into J2EE and J2SE applications. The Java Document Library provides an object-oriented approach for reading and writing documents, using concepts and patterns familiar to Java developers.

Typically, API's that access unstructured content are completely different, and there is no consistency to how content can be retrieved from them. The Java Document Library provides a consistent programming interface across different document-types.

Some examples of transformations that can be done include:

--Word (.doc) to PDF (on non-Windows platforms)

--Word (RTF or WordML) to PDF

--Word (.doc, .rtf, WordML) to XHTML and XSL-FO


--PDF to XML


The Java Document Library is built on top of CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone technology and XML is used as the universal middle format for document display, transformation, and publishing.

The Java Document Library is available for download immediately at, and pricing starts at $15,000 per server.

About CambridgeDocs

CambridgeDocs is a leader in the emerging market for XML-based content integration and publishing. This market deals with the integration of legacy content with new XML-based systems (e.g. Content Management, Enterprise Information Portals, EAI, and Web Services) and standards (e.g. DocBook, HRXML, RIXML, IRXML, FPML, DAS-XML, NewsML, any custom XML schema/DTD's, etc.).

Towards this end, CambridgeDocs provides a technology platform & services for taking existing unstructured and semi-structured internal and external content (e.g. MS Word, HTML, PDF, Quark, etc.), and transforming it into "meaningful XML". Once transformed, the content can be made available for delivery through XML-based Web Services, classified and indexed within Enterprise Information Portals, and aggregated, assembled and published in multiple different formats including support for wireless and mobile devices.

The xDoc Conversion Server is the first step in CambridgeDocs' strategy for providing Content Interoperability via a middleware platform, the CambridgeDocs XML Content BackBone. The CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone allows for the sharing, indexing, migration, repurposing, republishing and delivery of content between numerous legacy formats and a variety of enterprise content systems.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 23, 2004
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