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Cambex Centurion Open Systems Disk Array Now Offers NCR/AT&T, Windows NT and Novell Netware Connectivity.

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 1996--Cambex Corporation today announced that its successful Centurion line of RAID disk arrays now support NCR/AT&T, Windows NT and Novell Netware hosts.

The Centurion system has capacity, performance, connectivity, application fit and "never down" availability features that set the standard for open systems storage effectiveness. A highly scalable product, the Centurion disk array can expand from 10.5 to 688 gigabytes within a single cabinet.

Today's announcement complements the Centurion's existing host environments, which include IBM, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard. The Centurion is the best price/performance RAID system on the market, offering users a variety of concurrent RAID levels, in combination with high availability features like dual redundant controllers and mirrored write back cache.

NCR/AT&T Connectivity

The Centurion supports NCR/AT&T single and multiprocessor systems, and all of the latest AT&T UNIX operating systems. "It is the best alternative to NCR/AT&T RAID, offering all the features and functionality of the NCR/AT&T product at a lower cost to the end user," said Paul Danahy, Centurion product manager.

Centurion supports advanced features such as alternate channel failover for all NCR/AT&T host environments, including LifeKeeper. All standard NCR/AT&T storage management and monitoring software is fully supported by the Centurion.

Windows NT Connectivity

"We recognize Windows NT as one of the fastest growing operating systems in the world today, and we see it becoming a mainstay in the corporate processing market," said Shelly Lowenthal, Director of Open Systems Engineering. "Therefore, we saw we could fill a need for storage for the NT platform that wasn't being addressed by other storage vendors - highly available, reliable data storage."

Centurion is ideally suited to mid-level to high-end NT installations that require a significant degree of data availability and protection. As data is migrated from legacy systems to a Windows NT environment, Centurion offers users the satisfaction of both traditional protection and high availability, as well as superior performance.

Novell Netware Connectivity

The third new platform connection for Centurion, Novell Netware, is a natural progression. "Cambex understands that Netware environments frequently co-exist with other platforms. A big advantage for users choosing Centurion will be the ability to concurrently support their Netware environment in conjunction with their other existing hosts," Danahy stated.

Around-the-clock Performance

Centurion's "never down" design for high-availability, and its exceptionally fast data rates - over 4000 I/O transactions per second in some modes - enable it to support both traditional on-line bulk storage applications as well as newer strategic storage concepts such as decision support, datawarehousing, datamining and on-line analytical processing functions.

To attain its high performance, Centurion incorporates a series of innovative technical features. These include mirrored write cache, dual active controllers, and high-speed disk drives, optimized to achieve the highest system availability and performance.

"Storage has become the critical component in any data center. As open systems storage systems grow in size and complexity, product enhancements, like those offered in Centurion, are the main differentiators in the market. We believe Centurion sets today's standard for highly available, mission critical RAID storage," Danahy said. At a price under $1.00 per megabyte in medium to large configurations, the Centurion is the most affordable storage system available today in the high-performance, very large database environment, according to Danahy.

Cambex Corporation (Nasdaq: CBEX) provides a variety of storage systems for IBM, SUN, HP and other computer platforms used by organizations throughout the world. Our products include central and expanded mainframe memory, controller cache memory, IBM-compatible DASD and open systems RAID disk arrays. -0-

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 21, 1996
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