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Cama Quebec.


A book to understand the Quebec market

Most Quebecers come from a French culture, live in an English society and have an American lifestyle. But how different are Quebecers from Canadian Anglophone?

A 192-page book titled "Cracking the Quebec Code: The 7 keys to understanding Quebecers" looks at who Francophone Quebecers are. During the last 30 years, the Leger survey firm has collected the most intimate secrets, deepest fears and greatest hopes of Quebecers and Canadians, in order to redefine what constitutes the Quebec difference.

The book uses survey data, interviews with provincial leaders and a novel approach measuring reactions to 400 keywords to come up with seven traits that define the Quebec character: joie de vivre, easygoing, non-committal, victim, villagers, creative and proud.

Even though 71% of the attitudes and behaviors of English Canadians and French Quebecers overlap, there are plenty of differences that make Quebecers unique--not better or worse, but different.

You should take these differences in consideration when you plan your marketing program. As an example, a survey conducted for an advertising association revealed this about adverting in the Quebec market:

* Original advertising has 31% more efficiency with Quebec consumers than an adaptation of a foreign advertisement or a translation.

* 38% of consumers are more interested in advertising created in Quebec because they feel these ads are 33% more attractive, 32% more original, 32% more convincing.

* Use of Quebec humor and a Quebec spokesperson can increase the effectiveness of advertising by 25%.

So, if you're doing business in Quebec you should grab a copy of this book and pass it to your marketing team.


On January 17, CAMA Quebec welcomed speaker Jasmin Bergeron with its conference The WOW Effect.

Almost 130 people attended. Bergeron told the audience that a WOW depends on expectations: a client's satisfaction is measured by the difference between his expectations and his perception of the results.

A golden rule: lower expectations, reasonably of course, to impress people more easily. Deliver more than what you promised and make sure people are aware of what you did.

Another way of having people say WOW is to show sincere interest to people you meet: listen more than you talk! After meeting somebody, make sure to finish strong because we always remember the last impression.

Finally, one of the most important way to get a WOW is to show your enthusiasm.


Deadline for entries, Agri Marketer of the Year and CAMA Lifetime Achievement Award will be September 21, 2017.

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May 3, 2017

CAMA ON Graphic Design Technical Workshop, London, ON

June 22, 2017

CAMA SK Meeting at Canada's Farm Progress Show, Regina, SK

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