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Cam setting makes a difference.


In cold weather, the recoil can slow way down for the main gun on your M1-series tank. The colder it gets, the slower the recoil.

That's why the breech has an adjustable operating cam. When the temperature plummets, you can adjust the cam so the breech opens and ejects the stub bases faster.

Unfortunately, some crewmen are adjusting the cam to operate the breech as fast as it can even during warm weather. They figure the faster the stub bases eject, the faster they can reload and fire again.

But setting the cam to the F (fast) setting doesn't speed up the recoil. It just forces the stub base to be ejected more aggressively. That causes extra stress and wear on the breech components and can lead to premature failure.

So, check the cam in your tank now. The normal operating position is one tooth towards F from the S (slow) position. Then, adjust the cam only if it becomes necessary--when the stub bases eject too slowly because of cold weather.


You'll find the instructions for adjusting the cam starting on Page 3-266 of TM 9-2350-264-10-2, Page 3-160 of TM 9-2350-288-10-2, and Page 3-188 of TM 9-2350-388-10-2.

And don't forget to return the cam to its normal setting when that cold snap ends.
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