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Calzbone may support women's bone density.

A published clinical trial revealed daily dosing of Calzbone extract from Verdure Sciences significantly improved bone density (BMD) in women. Data from the 26-week clinical study on 40 middle-aged, healthy women aged 45-55 showed that 250 mg of Calzbone extract thrice daily led to significant improvement in bone density of 18% (p<0.01) from baseline, a significant lowering of T-score and Z-score (p<0.01) as well as a decrease of serum alkaline phosphatase and serum tartrate resistant acid phosphatase (p<0.001). These findings together suggest strong potential for the use of Calzbone to support bone strength and healthy bone density.

In the peer-reviewed publication in The Antiseptic, the authors also remarked that Calzbone was well-tolerated and also clinically improved signs of joint swelling, pain and stiffness present in some subjects with co-existing osteoarthritis. For further information:
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Title Annotation:Research Highlights
Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:May 1, 2012
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