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Calls for entries.

* Apex 2005 Awards for Publication Excellence, sponsored by the editors of Writing That Works: The Business Communications Report, deadline March 15, 2005.

The 109 categories include 9 for Newsletters and 10 for Web & Internet Sites. Entries will be judged in competition with others from similar kinds of organizations with similar production staff sizes.

One Grand award plaque or Award of Excellence certificate will be presented for each winning entry.

Entry fee is $79, or $59 for subscribers to Writing That Works. For more information and entry form, contact Belinda Zehr at Communications Concepts.

7481 Huntsman Blvd., & 20, Springfield, VA 22153, 703-643-2200, fax 703-643-2329,,

* Magnum Opus Awards for excellence in corporate and custom publishing, sponsored by Publications Management newsletter, deadline March 25, 2005. Fifty-nine categories are grouped under Editorial, Design, Strategy, and Grand (which evaluates every aspect of a publication).

For more information and an entry form contact McMurry Publications.

McMurry, 1010 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014, 888-626-8779.

* 26th Annual Newsletter Journalism Awards "recognizing excellence in specialized-content journalism," sponsored by the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Foundation, deadline April 1, 2005. Categories are:

1.) Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single-News Story

2.) Best Investigative Reporting

3.) Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting

4.) Best Instructional Reporting

5.) Best Financial-Advisory Product

6.) Best Single-Topic Product

7.) Best Looseleaf Publication.

Entrants must be members of NEPA. Entry fee is $85. For more information and an entry form, contact NEPF.

NEPF, 1501 Wilson Blvd., #509, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-527-2333, fax 703-841-0629,
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Title Annotation:Who, what, when & where
Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jan 31, 2005
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