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Calling for a revolutionary escalation.

Revolutionary youth in change squares across Yemen began demanding an escalation of their efforts last week in order to achieve all of their aims for the revolution.

A Friday prayer was held at 60 Meters Road in Sana'a, under the slogan, "Renewal of the revolution." They chanted several slogans asserting the importance of revolutionary escalation to achieve all demands.

Mane'a Al-Matary, a member of the Organizing Committee for Sana'a's Change Square, said the escalation aims to accelerate achieving the goals of the revolution. Al-Matary said they want people from the former regime who are currently controlling the military to be dismissed before the beginning of this fall's National Dialogue Conference.

Al-Matary also said the escalation won't be restricted to protests. Different procedures will also be followed such as an "institutions' revolution" to dismiss all corrupted people.

During the Friday sermons, the Imam said the revolution would not be over until current political detainees are released and a committee is established to investigate violations during what the Imam said was a peaceful revolution. Moreover, he called on President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to dismiss former President Ali Abdullah Saleh's son and relatives from the military.

Khaled Al-Madani, a leader of the Shabab Al-Sumood Coalition, which supports the Houthis, said protests weren't supposed to stop. He said they have protested since they joined the change square movement a year and a half ago. Their views concerning continuing the revolution until achieving all its aims remain the same.

In spite of the calls for a revolutionary escalation and for remaining in change squares, some politicians have different opinions. Abdullah Dawbala, a political analyst, said holding protests in the streets is of no use now because the time for protests has ended.

He urged youth in change squares to adopt another escalation, represented by supporting Hadi's decrees and by demanding the construction of a new civil state. He also demanded that revolutionary speeches should move from words in the squares to actions in state departments and institutions.

Adel Ameen, a political analyst, said the escalation is a temporary reaction since the youth in the squares are disappointed that no one pays attention to them and even their leaders were not selected to help form the new Yemeni state.

He said the escalation would fail because it is out of the revolution's and out of young people's control since political parties ultimately controlled the revolution.

In an Aug. 13 interview with Al-Watan Saudi Newspaper, Mohammed Salem Basindawa, Yemen's prime minister, called on the revolutionary youth to continue the escalation because it is the only way to achieve the aims of the revolution.

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Publication:Yemen Times (Sana'a, Yemen)
Date:Aug 27, 2012
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