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Calling all elastomer producers and innovators.

Are you working in the UK and producing, using or innovating with elastomers? If so, you may like to read a recent roadmap regarding UK Elastomers, published by the Polymer Group within the KTN's Materials Community.

The report was generated as an output from a workshop held in London in March. It highlighted that the important contribution made to the UK economy by elastomers is not currently visible as a significant part of the strategic materials sector.

"'Rubber' is still often regarded as 'old fashioned'; it perhaps needs re-branding," commented Dr. Sally Beken, Elastomers Specialist at the KTN. "'Smart materials', or 'flexible composites', gives a more accurate description of elastomers as key enablers; and innovation and formulation are both key to the future of elastomers."

The report also highlighted the need to consider a National Elastomers Centre to coordinate elastomer activities.

"Technically, elastomers have a very bright future, and the important technical advances will be in the areas of 3D-printing, nanomaterials (especially ones that are conducting), biomaterials, and smart materials," Dr Beken continued.

The report highlighted that for SMEs, there should be a better awareness of funding opportunities through grants, from both the UK and Europe. The document is now open to comment and is available to download for free.

If you are working in the sector and have any queries regarding UK elastomer expertise, cross-sector innovation opportunities, research collaboration and or access to funding, please contact Dr Sally Beken:


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Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
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Date:May 1, 2014
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