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Calling all aces.

While my father doesn't have a Jeopardy trophy on his mantle, he prides himself in his knowledge of many different topics. If asked, "How in the world did you know that?" he would probably jokingly attribute his factual prowess to a "God-given curiosity" and overall "vast knowledge." Of course, he usually comes clean and admits, using one of his now-famous Texan sayings, "Everyone knows I'm the Jack of all trades, but the ace of none."

I've obviously followed in my father's footsteps in this regard. While there are probably a few examples, I can't think of anyone with a journalism degree who has become an expert in anything outside of public opinion. And, no honest editor or writer would ever claim to be an expert of the English language or grammar, especially when everyone who does so seems to disagree about comma usage.

But, thankfully for the rest of us, several readers of this Journal are indeed experts of substantial knowledge. You have gained an abundance of specialized knowledge and skills over time. Now, the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) is asking you to share that expertise with your colleagues and the public by registering with ASRT ExpertLink, a database of medical and scientific professionals. We're looking for a wide range of allied health professionals, physicians, nurses, physicists and educators--not just ASRT members or registered technologists.

The ASRT may call on individuals who register in the database to review scientific articles, to serve as a source for media interviews or to act as a subject-matter expert. ASRT members and nonmembers can register in many categories and subcategories, including:

* Accreditation.

* Alternative medicine.

* Education.

* Information management.

* All radiologic technology disciplines and specialties.

* Physics.

* Various medical specialties.

You also can indicate whether you have experience working with a specific patient population, such as pediatric patients, whether you work in a unique setting, such as in the military, or whether you have access to medical images or treatment plans that we can use in our publications. Only ASRT staff will have access to the information, and the information will not be sold or used for any marketing purposes.

To register for ExpertLink, visit www.

In other news, this issue marks the first Journal of the new volume year. The cover of the next 5 issues will feature artwork by Colorado-based artist William Secrest. With a studio located high in the Rocky Mountains in the small town of Pagosa Springs, Mr. Secrest's vibrant, contemporary oil paintings will mark each new issue. To learn more about the artist and view other artwork, visit his Web site at www.

Chad Johnson, is editor of Radiologic Technology. Please send your comments and suggestions via e-mail to

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Title Annotation:EDITOR'S NOTE
Author:Johnson, Chad
Publication:Radiologic Technology
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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