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Calling Dr. Gutter.

It happens to nearly everyone: A loud thunderstorm wakes those dead asleep, just in time to hear a mini-Niagara outside, pouring through leaky gutters. The cost of replacing the gutters, starting at $200, can be the source of many nightmares. It happened to Dick Butler, too, only he didn't get mad--he got even.

A dedicated do-it-yourselfer, Butler created Dr. Gutter when he couldn't find a seamless, plastic lining to fix his gutters. The Franklin Life Insurance Co. agent incorporated his Marion based business in October 1986 and introduced his new product in August 1987.

Dr. Gutter is a 8 1/2-inch-wide, rigid material made from the same chemical compound as vinyl siding. Butler had it manufactured in white so it would deflect the sun's rays and last longer than most plastics exposed to the elements. The liner comes in 50- and 100-foot rolls for residential use. Vacuformed end caps, inside and outside corners and downspout adaptors are also available. The product is simple enough to install in two hours using a tape measure, scissors and ladder.

In its 15-month existence, Dr. Gutter has garnered a new product award from Do-It-Yourself Retailing Magazine and an appearance on "The Home Show," a daytime program featuring home-repair hints.

Butler, his wife, his 27-year-old daughter and his 16-year-old son work in a 900-square-foot warehouse. "We cut 'em (the liners), finish 'em and package the pieces and rolls," he says.
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Title Annotation:Made in Indiana
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Oct 1, 1988
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