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Articles from Callaloo (January 1, 1994)

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"If you know I have a history, you will respect me": a perspective on Afro-Native American literature. Holland, Sharon P. 9178
"Poetry is what we speak to each other": an interview with Jimmy Santiago Baca. Keene, John Interview 9377
A day in the life of Two-Deer. Finley, Anne 338
A long way. Salisbury, Ralph 2859
All I wanted to do was dance. Alexie, Sherman 283
American dream. Torres, Eddie 155
Back road lift. Brito, Silvester 109
Bimini honeymoon. Hail, Raven 5207
Breaking dread. Niatum, Duane 2609
Brewing trouble. Blaeser, Kimberly M. 1343
Cline. Alexie, Sherman 148
Dog Song. Bruchac, Joseph 471
Fearless warriors. Taylor, Drew Hayden 5323
Flight. Starr, Jean 492
For Littlecoon in Oklahoma two years after his death. Bruchac, Joseph 165
For Nelson - leader, tribal person, elder. Hernandez-Avila, Ines 548
From Mabel McKay: weaving the dream. Sarris, Greg Excerpt 6427
Grandma. Day, Dacota Red 221
Great measures. Hogan, Linda 169
He stands there ... Kenny, Maurice 211
Healing earthquakes. Baca, Jimmy Santiago 1711
Hici. Womack, Craig S. 1657
I hear a medicine man. Glancy, Diane 220
I learn a simple lesson about our society. Gould, Janice 550
If I were to tell a story. Glancy, Diane 354
Indian medicine. Pego, David 6261
Joe-babes. Tohe, Laura 166
Journey's end, Santa Barbara. Sanchez, Carol Lee 462
Keresian dawn. Francis, Lee 5044
Memories. Biddix, Callie 219
New York Times in the supermarket. Big Eagle, Duane 307
Night vision. Ruffo, Armand Garnet 105
Nothing but Cherokee. Justice, Jackie 914
Nothing. Hogan, Linda 130
Oaxaca - summer 1989. Hernandez-Avila, Ines 796
Oh great eagle. Gardipe, Amber 149
Oligawi. Bruchac, Joseph 132
On Lake Titicaca. Ruffo, Armand Garnet 148
On old 666. Yazzie-Shaw, Carole 1709
Other, sister, twin. Hogan, Linda 290
Our bird aegis. Young Bear, Ray A. 130
Peeping Toms. Northsun, Nila 206
Peopling winter. Welburn, Ron 131
Poem on his birthday. Barnes, Jim 267
Porkskin panorama. Baker, Marie Annharte 810
Refusal. Trask, Haunani-Kay 245
Running from the Mafia. Alexie, Sherman 315
Sac and fox pow-wow, stroud, Oklahoma: intertribal. Starr, Jean 228
Shapechanger. Hernandez-Avila, Ines 596
Shimasami/my grandmother. Frank, Della 359
Short-lived journal. Silex, Edgar 322
Sittin' on the dock of the bay. Alexie, Sherman 110
Snake lover. Tohe, Laura 673
Soul searching. Mercado, Laura 2652
Star dancer. Francis, Lee 260
Stars, tadpoles and water. Garza, Jose 437
Staying afloat in a chaotic world: a conversation with Ray Young Bear. Moore, David; Wilson, Michael Interview 3656
Success. Bolivar, Saul 1282
The alcoholic love poems. Alexie, Sherman 435
The brush cracks. Gardipe, Amber 175
The chaos of angels. Howe, LeAnne 3474
The deer. Sulu, Nolon 354
The edge of things. Forbes, Jack D. 4811
The great camp out. Endrezze, Anita 4086
The greatest gift ever. Bisson, Charity 3229
The incontinuity of his mother's blood. Fleet, Chris 3071
The invasion of Alcatraz. Brashear, Charles 4846
The moon was the biggest ... Cazal, Anibal, Jr. 854
The pit. Jenks, Shane 260
The real thing. Awiakta, Marilou 173
The world of pottery: a conversation with Marian Naranjo. Dean, Sue Interview 2068
This close coyote. Penn, W.S. 6595
Trying to get back home. Riley, Patricia 239
Unpacking the years. Sanchez, Carol Lee 168
What would Pocahontas think now? Women and cultural persistence. Kidwell, Clara Sue 6152
When we get Manhattan back. Revard, Carter 522
Whose mouth do I speak with. Rancourt, Suzanne 113
Why I don't like the 3 days before Thanksgiving. Williams, Kelly 306
Yei dream. Trafzer, Clifford E. 2311
Yellow wolf spirit. Welburn, Ron 229

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