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Call these con artists to account; Views of the North.

I WOULD like to endorse the article in your paper regarding the conning of many people suffering from dementia by quickfire salesmen.

Recently such a person suffering from Alzheimer's was subjected to the sales talk of an employee of EON electrical company. Over the phone he painted a picture of the wonderful merits of this power company. The poor victim was completely charmed by this con artist and agreed to change to his company and changed the power supplier who had given her good service over many years.

All this was negotiated over the phone, no written contract was signed and the whole matter only came to light when her carers noticed the huge electric and gas bills she was receiving.

The emotional upset on this poor victim was tremendous and the financial arrangements to rectify the situation debilitating. There seems no avenue whereby these people can be called to account. Any contract made by old people should be a written one and these crooks called to account. Mr Cameron, our multi-millionaire Prime Minister talks big and often about everybody making equal sacrifices but it seems very unequal to me.

JAMES FITZPATRICK, St Paul's Court, Low Teams, Gateshead.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 17, 2011
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