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Call for presentations.

April 12-15, 2006 * Hyatt Regency San Antonio on the Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas Embracing a Confluence of Cultures in the Education of Children

The Program Committee invites proposals for presentations at the 2006 ACEI Annual International Conference & Exhibition. Special consideration is given to proposals submitted by individuals from outside the United States and Canada that follow the submission guidelines. All proposal topics must relate to the Conference theme and/or one of these specific subtopics:

a) Plaa4k(Free and Structured)- A Cultural Constant (categories: research findings;administrative issues; role of play in learning; advocacy for play; model policies; recess needs for elementary through middle school; physical fitness needs; obesity issues; advocating for recess and physical fitness; research on recess; appropriate physical environments; integrating physical activities in the classroom),

b) The Arts--A Cultural Necessity (categories: music, dance, art and drama as expressions of culture; multiple intelligences; gifted and talented; brain research; integration of arts into the curriculum),

c) Diversity in Homes Families and Schools (categories: intergenerational programs; grandparents as primary caregivers; meeting the challenges of the homeless; language barriers; cultural awareness; creating caring classrooms; diverse student populations; family support systems; educating rural and inner city children),

d) Best Practices in an Embattled World (categories: teaching for global understanding; implementing peace education and conflict resolution; teaching tolerance in the classroom; providing a "safe place" for children; roles of technology; issues and trends in technology),

e) Policies and Practices: Influences on Educational Practices (categories: finance and funding issues; standardized testing; "high-stakes" tests; authentic assessments; academic standards; teacher standards; research and trends; inclusion; creative solutions).

Students and first-year teachers are encouraged to work with their instructors to prepare a proposal for presentation in a special Student Presenter Track. Such proposals should be marked Student Presenter and will be reviewed independently. Only those proposals postmarked by the deadlines indicated will be considered.

Rules of Participation

1. No one may submit more than two proposals, either as a presenter or co-presenter of a session.

2. Persons whose proposals are accepted must participate a t the time scheduled by the Program Committee.

3. ACEI strives to keep the meeting affordable for classroom teachers and prospective teachers. Therefore, all participants, including presenters, are required to register for the ACEI Conference. Presenters must preregister by October 1, 2005. Presenter registration is indication of your intent to participate.

4. ACEI does not underwrite the expenses of presenters.

5. If a presenter has a commercial product(s) or service to promote, this may be done by purchasing space in the Exhibit Hall. Presenters who have purchased space in the Exhibit Hall may mention their presence in the Exhibit Hall during their session, but may in no way make or solicit sales during the session. Contact the ACEI Conference Dept. for information about exhibiting.

General Submission Requirements

Only proposals adhering to the guidelines and postmarked or electronically date-stamped by the deadline for each category will be considered/reviewed. All categories of proposals must include the following:

1. One (1) copy of a cover sheet that includes: name, complete mailing address; daytime and home phone numbers; fax number; and E-mail address for each person presenting during the session. Also include Student Presenter Track on the cover if proposal is submitted by a student or first-year teacher. To ensure a "blind" review, this information must not be included any other place in the proposal. Information that in any way identifies the presenter(s) may not be included in the body of the proposal; this could disqualify the proposal from consideration. The Title of the proposed session must be included on the cover sheet. All proposals must also include a hard (paper) copy of the proposal with appropriately labeled sections containing the following information:

2. Title of proposed session.

3. A highlighted Main Thrust of the proposal (25 words or less), to be included in the Conference Program Book if your proposal is accepted.

4. Electronic submission of proposals is strongly encouraged. Attached files must be virus free in either Microsoft Word ver. 5.0-6.0 or ASCII/text-only format. Submit to TWO (2)stamped, self-addressed envelopes per presenter (unstamped if presenter is outside the U.S.) must be sent to the address below via regular mail on the same day the proposal is submitted electronically.

5. For proposals submitted via regular mail: Enclose TWO (2) stamped, self-addressed envelopes per presenter (unstamped if presenter is outside the U.S.).

6. All proposals must be postmarked or electronically date-stamped no later than the deadlines indicated. All proposals (include name of proposal category) EXCEPT those for Virtual Presentations and those for the Hall of Celebration should be addressed to:

ACEI--2006 Conference 17904 Georgia Avenue, Ste. 215, Olney, MD USA 20832 301-570-2111; 301-570-2212 (fax); 800-423-3563 E-mail to:

Specific Submission Requirements Concurrent Sessions

In addition to the items listed in the General Submission Requirements, all Concurrent Session proposals must contain the following:

1. Brief description (200-500 words maximum), typed and double-spaced, noting the purpose and scope of your presentation.

2. A highlighted Main Thrust of the proposal (25 words or less), including three (3) learning outcomes, to be included in the Conference Program Book if your proposal is accepted.

3. Audio/Visual Equipment needs. Presenters will be asked to share the expense for overhead and slide projectors, cassette and CD players, VCRs, and video display (LCD) equipment. More elaborate A/V needs will be provided entirely at the presenter's expense. Presenters must indicate and pay for A/V needs by the October 1, 2005, registration deadline.

4. Length of time. Regular presentations will run for 25 minutes (or multiples thereof). If necessary, indicate specific time or date needed to give your presentation. ACEI will try to accommodate such requests, but cannot guarantee specific placement.

5. Subject Area. Choose ONLY ONE category for review purposes: a) Infancy, b) Early Childhood 1--Preschool, c) Early Childhood 2--Kindergarten, d) Early Childhood 3--Primary Grades, e) Later Childhood, f) International/Intercultural, g) Teacher Education (content is of interest to those involved in the education of future teachers).

Research Submissions

In addition to the items listed in the General Submission Requirements, all Research Session proposals must include the following:

1. In addition to addressing the Conference theme and/or one of the subtopics, Research Proposals must also address at least one of the following Emphasis Areas: a) Middle-Level Education, b) Teacher Education (content is of interest to those involved in the education of future teachers), c) Action Research, d) International/Global Issues. This year, we encourage students to submit their research proposals to the committee. During the conference, a special session will be held for these student-initiated research presentations.

2. Description of the research, limited to three (3) single-spaced, typewritten pages, including:

a) Abstract--100-200 words maximum.

b) Research Question--Identify the research question(s) studied.

c) Rationale--Provide a rationale for the study and relate it to findings, identify how previous findings suggest this study is important.

d)Methodology--Describe the approach and procedures used to answer the question. Describe the subjects.

e) Analysis--Describe how the data were analyzed.

f) Findings--Identify the findings.

g) Implications--Discuss the implications for future research and classroom practice or educational policy.

3. Specify a Preferred Format (Highlighted, Roundtables, Forum, or Poster), or leave that assignment to the discretion of the review committee.

Find out more about submitting research proposals by going to:

Virtual Presentations

In addition to the General Submission Requirements, all Virtual Presentation Proposals must include the following:

1. A Description of the Technologies involved in the presentation. Proposal must include information for any additional downloads participants would need to participate in the session, e.g., Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2. Subject Area (choose one most appropriate category for review purposes): a) Infancy, b) Early Childhood 1--Preschool, c) Early Childhood 2--Kindergarten, d) Early Childhood 3--Primary Grades, e) Later Childhood, f) International/Intercultural, g) Teacher Education (content is of interest to those involved in the education of future teachers).

3. All Virtual Presentation proposals are to be submitted to: Notification of acceptance of Virtual Presentation proposals will be via E-mail. All Virtual Presentation presenters must be registered for the Conference to have their presentation available to Conference attendees.

Global Sharing Fair

Friday, April 14--Poster/Display Submissions Hall of Excellence Saturday, April 15--Poster/Display Submissions Hall of Celebration

Saturday, April 15--Poster/Display Submissions) There are no items required in addition to those listed in the General Submission Requirements for Global Sharing Fair proposals, Hall of Excellence proposals, or Hall of Celebration proposals. The Hall of Excellence Guidelines also apply to Global Sharing Fair proposals and are available on-line at the ACEI Web site ( or upon request from the ACE1 Conference Department. Call 800-423-3563 or 301- 570-2111; fax to 301-570-2212; or send an E-mail to The Hall of Celebration presentations are intended exclusively to depict activities for Week of the Classroom Teacher celebrations.

Submit ONLY Hall of Celebration proposals to: Jana Pauldin Week of the Classroom Teacher 17904 Georgia Ave., Ste. 215, Olney, MD 20832
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