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Call for nominations.

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through 2011. Convention will be here before we know it. The nominations committee has been diligently working on several items to streamline the process for members and MNA staff. The committee includes Kallie Kujawa, Anne Burrell and Brenda Donaldson.

The committee has several goals:

1. Update the consent to serve form and have it accessible on the website for electronic completion. We hope to simplify the process of members filling out the same form every year by allowing members to easily update the form electronically with changes each year.

2. Develop a system to assist the committee and MNA staff in documenting, tracking and formulating an accurate ballot with positions to be filled. This would also document term limits and terms completed by members.

3. Encourage and solicit members to consider open positions prior to commencement of the annual convention in October. We would like to give members time to consider each position and what the work of each position would entail. The committee would like to actively recruit qualified candidates for positions as well as encourage participation from those who are new to holding a position or serving on a committee.

There are many ways members can become involved. You do not have to have experience, just a willingness to actively participate, provide input and learn.

The following are positions that are open for nomination this year. A member does not need to be nominated by another member. Self-nomination is allowed and encouraged.

Board of Directors Positions

1. President Elect

2. Secretary

3. Director at Large Collective Bargaining member

4. Director at Large--2 positions

5. Director at large for Council on Continuing Education

6. Council on Economic and General Welfare Executive Committee (must be collective bargaining member)--2 members

7. National Federation of Nurses National Executive Board Director--1 (collective Bargaining Member

8. AFL-CIO Delegate--4 positions (Collective Bargaining Members)

Council on Practice and Government Affairs

2 positions

Council on Continuing Education

6 positions

Council on Advanced Practice (must be Advanced Practice Nurse)


American Nurses Association Delegates

9 positions and alternates

The nominations committee would eagerly encourage all members to consider involvement in MNA by consenting to serve and accepting nomination to any of the open positions. Seasoned nurses and new graduates alike are welcome. Service in a position is a wonderful way to gain knowledge of this professional organization, provide valuable input into MNA's future and develop leadership skills. If you are a new member to MNA or have never considered serving in a position, there are many veteran members who are willing to mentor you.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Brenda Donaldson at

Submitted by Brenda Donaldson, Nominations Chair

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Author:Donaldson, Brenda
Publication:The Pulse
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Date:Aug 1, 2011
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