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California. (U.S. State Legislation).

Security officers. California Governor Gray Davis has considered three bills affecting security officers this year. He has signed two bills and vetoed another.

One bill (A.B. 2780) that became law provides whistleblower protection to curity officers. Under the law, it is illegal in the state for an employer to discharge, demote, threaten, or otherwise discriminate against a security officer because that officer disclosed information to the government. The law authorizes a discrimination victim to bring a lawsuit within three years of the incident.

The second bill (A.B. 2880) signed into law increases training required for a contract security officer to be licensed. The training time for applicants is increased from 3 hours to 8 hours, and the topics to be covered will be standardized by the state. The law also mandates 32 hours of on-the-job training and an annual 8-hour refresher course.

A bill (A.B. 248) that required the licensing of private security officers--only contract officers are currently licensed--was vetoed by the governor. The bill would have required companies with proprietary officers to provide training and to conduct background screening before hiring.

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Author:Anderson, Teresa
Publication:Security Management
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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